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6 Player homes bundled into 1 .esp, from very small and dirty hideouts to an upper/middleclass house.

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Six old mods I had lying around, now rolled into 1 esp file: Real Homes.
There are lots of house mods for Oblivion but I never was satisfied with the ones I tried, because they felt in one or more respects 'unreal'. The DLC homes are immersion-breaking. You suddenly own a mages tower, or you get an enormous castle after battling three villains. Letters or notes magically appearing in your inventory... I never use those DLCs. Mod houses are often too neat for me, or too large, too 'cozy', or stand out by using lots of resources other than vanilla. Some are 'abandoned', but have remarkably well-tended gardens, a blazing hearth, lit candles... many of these mods are very well made, but for me they just don't fit in the Cyrodiil world. This is all a matter of personal taste of course. I've always played (and still play) with my own hideouts and houses which are relatively small, poor, scruffy, gritty... If they're free, that has to be reflected in how they look. Only the largest home is a proper well furnished house; you have to buy it, it isn't cheap, (almost as expensive as Rosethorn hall) but it has lots and lots of containers, and you don't need to upgrade it. 

1. The Sewers Segment. A tiny isolated sewers section beneath the Imperial City's Prison wall. Pro: it has a bedroll and 2 containers with some very basic equipment. It's not far from the Sewers exit where you emerge after having started a new game. Has a mapmarker. It's free. Con: Very small and pitch dark. But it's a useful hideout for the beginning player.

2. The Aleswell shed. After you have helped out the Aleswell people, they won't mind if you move into this tiny storage shed. Pro: enough containers (12) for your loot during the first 4 or 5 levels, a bedroll, and it's free. Con: it needs cleaning, (there's a trashcan next to the entrance), but even after that a lot of clutter remains lying around. There are no lights. It has no mapmarker, but Aleswell is a small settlement to begin with. 

3. The Abandoned Farmhouse. No lighting, several depressing cobwebs, but many containers. The door is locked (hard), but there's a key to be found in the house. The garden is a shambles, and it is sometimes haunted by a little harmless ghost. Pro: it's free, has ample (18) containers, a double bed and an alchemy sorter, a Mapmarker and even some hidden treasure. Con: cold and dark, and it is very far away in the Colovian Highlands, near the western border (cell -33,15).

4. The Upper Niben Cave. Some unknown hermit, a renegade mage, has worked very hard to build himself a nice hideout on the southern shore of the Upper Niben river, only to disappear afterwards. Pro: 40+ containers, a double bed, a bedroll, an alchemy sorter, 2 spell-/enchanting stations, a trashcan, lighted with ayleid crystals, and free. Con: sparsely decorated, no mapmarker, well hidden. If you find the entrance, you still have to find the key to gain access.

5. The Blackthorne. A smuggler/slaver ship that has moored at the mouth of Corbolo River, northeast of Bravil, to offload goods. Three interior decks and a short-tempered crew.
Pro: 52 containers in the ship, 12 in the exterior; an alchemy sorter, a trashcan. Armor and weapons to be looted. A double bed, 3 single beds, 6 bedrolls: you could house a small army here. Lighted with candles. Con: you have to fight the pirates, and they are not easy to deal with. Only the captain's cabin is decorated, the lower decks are a bit messy.

6. Mandrake Hall. The only real house, Chorrol-style upper/middleclass, west of Chorrol. After you have bumped into it, and sometime after you have rescued Dar-Ma, Seed-Neeus will offer it for 25,000 septims (or 120,000 if you're running Oscuro's OO). The house is not very grand, but it's completely furnished and decorated. Pro: a double bed, a single bed, alchemy station, a combined spell-enchantment altar, 59 containers - and a housekeeper named Shumeen, who is a cousin of Seed-Neeus and just as polite and friendly. She remains on Seed-Neeus's payroll and has her own schedule. The sheep in the backyard are hers. Con: very few IMO. The backyard doesn't look too neat, but Shumeen is a housekeeper, not a gardener. Although she loves tending her mushies patch.

* No conflicts with Unique Landscapes and Better Cities as far as I know.
* Currently incompatible with West Roads/New Roads and Bridges (causing severe land tearing SW of Chorrol)

Needs OBSE, Elys' Silent Voices and COBL.