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Last updated at 23:22, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 18:28, 6 Jun 2006

Sorry about the problems everyone. I've been getting errors and all kinds of problems. Just make sure to download the one that says it has 3 flavors in the zip filename, it fixes a small problem with night travellers clumping up when day comes.

NEW in v1.5
-There are now 3 different flavors. 7, 15, and 23 percent. Thats how often people will spawn along the roads (v1.0 was at 40%). There are now 72 Travellers and 36 Merchants' Suppliers for the leveled lists to choose from.
-I've added all the races to the lists also (except for Bretons, they look too much like Imperials and Nords).
-And I've revamped the clothing LL also, now middleclass and lowerclass are mixed and I've added some begger clothing also.
-I've also fixed a few bugs where I had moved stuff that by accident, don't worry, I deleted the references. Plus there was a bug with the day/night cycle that I fixed (credit to MaXiMiUS for that one).
-Tinkered with a few other little things, such as adding torches to the night travellers.

I've added some leveled lists to all the main roads in the game that makes other travellers appear. There are a lot of travellers on the roads during the day and very few at night.
Each traveller has an ai package making them travel somewhere. There are 15 Travellers and 10 Merchants' Suppliers. Travellers are the same level as you up till level 20 and Merchants' Suppliers are 10 levels above you until level 30. This is because they are carrying lots of
expensive loot (hint hint). Everyone is armed and will attack bandits and other wildlife.