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A simple mod that adds extra NPCs to interior cells. Does not touch levelled lists or any exterior cells, meaning it should be compatible with pretty much anything.

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Despite having ~250 plugins in my load order, I noticed that interior cells - such as inns - are strangely absent of any NPCs, making them feel dull and empty.
This is a very simple mod that seeks to remedy this problem, by adding several NPCs into interior cells that are normally empty. 


The Shivering Isles expansion pack is all that is required to run this mod.


As mentioned above, this is a simple mod designed to make interior cells feel a bit more lively. it adds several NPCs to places such as guilds, inns and shops.
For example, some shops now have hired guards, several different kinds of mages are now present in guild halls and taverns are filled with 'generic' NPCs, such as Patrons, Thugs etc.
This mod only affects interior cells for maximum compatibility. It does not touch levelled lists or add any scripts, meaning that it should be compatible with pretty much anything including Better Cities and any overhaul mods.
If you have a slower computer performance may be affected in some of the inns, due to several new NPCs being present. Occasionally NPCs will leave their designated interior cells - particularly Hired Guards, to give thieves a chance to rob the shop they guard - in order to have dinner/supper/lunch at an inn or other establishment. 
No dungeons are modified in order to increase compatibility and balance with other mods.


  • Bravil
  • Leyawiin
  • Skingrad
  • (More to come)


As said before, this mod should be compatible with anything. It is very lightweight and with my massive load order ~250 plugins I have not discovered any problems.


This is my first (small) mod, I appreciate feedback and thank you for downloading.