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This mod will start the player in the IC palace and add spells that allow the player to rule the imperial legion.

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This mod gives you the amulet of kings at the start of the game and changes everything in the palace to be owned by the player you start with the amulet equiped you have to unequip it and re-equip it to add the script spells  and spawn your body guards.

Here soon I will be releasing my oblivion overhaul mod that changes a lot of quests in the game and adds some side quests.

I suggest Picking the Emperor Birthsign as it makes the guards think you are a guard as such they are less likely to arrest you (if they will arrest you at all)

Update v1.8 (Final)
This update will not be out for awhile but it will be the last update for the mod.

-Tax NPC has been reworked so that it will take all the gold an npc has in there inventory and add it to the players (instead of adding 150 gold always and removing all gold from the npc)

-Soldiers will now have there weapons drawn at all times.

-You will be able to put a hit on somebody spawning an assassin that will enter combat with the desired npc attempting to kill them.

that's all that has been planned so far (more features may come if I can think of any) 

Update v1.6 

Added Banish spell - A spell that will make an npc disappear only intended to get rid of bodyguards

Changed Player Start location to IC palace (You will get the main quest and pick a class and birthsign on your way out of the chamber door)

Added Chest with EMP armor if the player chooses to use it

Added 1 encounter of an assassin who will try to assassinate the emperor

Added Summon An Imperial Battlemage Spell

Added Summon Imperial General

Changed the way the spells are added to the player so that the player gets them the same time they exit the starting chamber instead of having to equip the amulet of kings this means that if you have an existing save you should not have to restart to get the spells you can go into the imperial palace and go into the elder council room and get the spells this will show you the birthsign and class menu but will give you the spells as well it shouldn't effect your character assuming you pick the same classes.

Update v1.5 
Fixed an Issue that made the Royal guard attack the player caused from them still being in the guard class

Improved  the arrest command.

Added A guard that will guard the prison cell you send npc's to (they rotate shifts)

Send to Jail will send a NPC to prison (Properly)

Add Bounty Has been replaced with a better version that will have several different functions depending on how much gold the npc has if the npc
has 100 gold they will pay the fine and you will be given 100 gold if the npc has 0 gold they will go to jail if they have over 100 gold
they will resist arrest.

Added a early marker system still not finished in order to use it properly you must cast the spell move to marker (I forgot the exact name)
Then you must use the spell that's called something like place marker here this should make the npc go to the marker item and pick it up.

Added Stand guard here spell makes the npc stand in his or her location and guard it (I've noticed there are some bugs with this but it mostly works)

Added Relax here makes the npc take off there armor and treat the place there at as a home they will look for food and eat.

Added summon annoying fan (useless spell) it summons the adoring fan but a clone of him that will sneak everywhere and steal items (he should anyway)

Added more diversity to the blades bodyguards different races etc.

All summonable npc's should have 0 responsibility meaning they will not call guards if they see you steal this should work as intended.

All bodyguards should help you fight guards if you  choose to enter combat with them and resist arrest.

Report any bugs in the comment section.

Update v1.4 
Added an Early Marker System
Added different races for the Royal Guard
Added the ability to jail NPC's (work in progress)
Added Summon Annoying Fan just cause..

Update v1.3 
Relax command
Changed Bodyguards So that they won't care if the player steals and will always help him in fights unless its against another body guard So they will fight guards if you want them to and will not fight each other anymore (its a bug that happens for some reason)
Added Individual Summons so you can summon 1 archer and soldier instead of a group
Added some variety to some bodyguards so they don't all look the same

Update v1.2
I decided to add a few more spells Re-download if you downloaded 1.1 earlier today.
Added Follow me Spell -Makes an NPC Follow you.
Added Add Bounty Spell-Gives an NPC a bounty Kinda the same as Execute this NPC but it doesn't start combat with you.
Added Tax NPC Spell-Removes gold from an NPC and gives you the gold (it always takes away and gives 150 gold for now)

Update v1.1
Added Summon Blades BodyGuards so you don't have to re-equip the amulet to spawn them (you still have to un-equip and re-equip it at the start of the game otherwise you won't get the script spells)

Changed the Imperial Captain's items a bit gave him a two handed Sword instead of a short sword.