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Added: 11/10/2017 - 12:41AM
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It is late 2017, I have played Oblivion for 5 years, stopped for 6, and reinstalled the game just now.
I am amazed that I couldn't find a mod like this anywhere. All i could find where +5 to all attribute mods.
Complaints everywhere on the internet about the "failed" or "too hard" Vanilla system and no one who made it better.
This forced me to create my own first mod.
You can request changes to this mod if you like. I'll add extra files.

What it does
This mod changes how many skill increases it takes for the +1,+2,+3,+4 and +5 attribute gain at level-up.
+5 Blade is normally +3 strength at level-up
It could now be +4 or +5, you choose.
Just look at the pictures.

I want to roam around the world, kill stuff, clear a dungeon and sell my loot. Do a quest or 2.
Go get some lockpicks from goblins because i'm running out.
Try an ayleid dungeon, run away from a boss that's way too hard because of OOO.
And go to sleep when I level up.
I don't want to avoid fights because I might level up before I trained 10 Endurance related skills and so, miss my +5 endurance.

With this kind of play style, I never ever get a +5 and rarely a +4. I want to train for an attribute, but not too hard.

This mod should still be lore-friendly (unless you go EasyMode).
- You still need to train enough to gain +5 in 3 attributes.
- Luck is still always +1

FairMode is only a little easier than vanilla, but more balanced. +1 attribute per 2 skill increases. Stops at +5
FairMode+: vanilla +5 is now +6
MyMode is the way i like to play, lots of endurance related skill increases = lots of endurance. Little effort = little gain.
EasyMode: +1 attribute each 1 skill increase. Stops at +5
EasyMode+: possible to gain +6 and +7
Easymode OP: +1 attribute each 1 skill increase, stops at +11. (cheat)

Choose only 1 of the 6 .esp files.
Put it in your oblivion data folder.
Enable esp with mod manager or oblivion launcher.

It doesn't matter if you are halfway a level-up or starting a new level, it will always work.

Finding data folder:
Right-click the oblivion.exe shortcut -> go to file location -> look for the folder called "data" 

Should be compatible with everything that doesn't do the same as this mod.
Works with OOO. To be safe, load this last.