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This is NOT a +5 to all attributes mod! Yay it's lore-friendly!

This mod changes how many skill increases it takes for the +1,+2,+3,+4 and +5 attribute gain at level-up.
It makes it a bit easier to gain +4 and +5 to attributes.
Now you can just play, no more tedious micromanaging.
You can choose out of 6 options.

Permissions and credits
What it does
This mod changes how many skill increases it takes for the +1,+2,+3,+4 and +5 attribute gain at level-up.
+5 Blade is normally +3 strength at level-up
It could now be +4 or +5, you choose.
Just look at the pictures.

I want to roam around the world, kill stuff, clear a dungeon and sell my loot. Do a quest or 2.
Go get some lockpicks from goblins because i'm running out.
Try an Ayleid ruin, run away from a boss that's way too hard because of OOO.
And go to sleep when I level up.
I don't want to avoid fights because I might level up before I trained 10 Endurance related skills and so, miss my +5 endurance.

With this kind of play style, I never ever get a +5 and rarely a +4. I want to train for an attribute, but not too hard.

This mod should still be lore-friendly (unless you go EasyMode).
- You still need to train enough to gain +5 in 3 attributes.
- Luck is still always +1

FairMode is only a little easier than vanilla, but more balanced. +1 attribute per 2 skill increases. Stops at +5
FairMode+: vanilla +5 is now +6
MyMode is the way i like to play, lots of endurance related skill increases = lots of endurance. Little effort = little gain.
EasyMode: +1 attribute each 1 skill increase. Stops at +5
EasyMode+: possible to gain +6 and +7
Easymode OP: +1 attribute each 1 skill increase, stops at +11. (cheat)

Choose only 1 of the 6 .esp files.
Put it in your oblivion data folder.
Enable esp with mod manager or oblivion launcher.

It doesn't matter if you are halfway a level-up or starting a new level, it will always work.

Finding data folder:
Right-click the oblivion.exe shortcut -> go to file location -> look for the folder called "data" 

Should be compatible with everything that doesn't do the same as this mod.
Works with OOO. To be safe, load this last.