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  • Indornia replaces Kalosan. Uninstall Kalosan first if you have it.
  • Spaceship controls, speed and landing - see sticky post.


You need to have Indornia 1.0 installed (no need to uninstall it or previous updates).
Install the patch over it - Yes/OK to replace whichever files.

Indornia Stone

Given by Vestenia's Sentinel.
Inventory > Stones > Indornia
  • You can now delay the actual start as long as you like.
  • Start

    Click the Stone to be teleported to Kalosan Island (see START UP below).

    Quest Bypass

    If you want to replay a mission.
    If an Indornia quest/mission stops working after an update.
    • Untick kvIndornia01.esp from Data Files.
    • Enter game, Save then Exit Game.
    • Tick kvIndornia01.esp in Data Files.

    From start, the stone loops through each stage...
    • Bypass mission.
    • Bypass dialog.

    ...stop at wherever you were up to.

    • Do not use the stone half way through a mission.
    • Use Outside - Kalosan Island, Arc'gah, Anvil, wherever but outside.
    • See latest Data/Docs/kvIndornia01/ReadMe.html in Update 1.03 for more.

    Spider/Snati Enchantments
    • All can be taken from chest.
    • Only 1 can be equipped at a time.
    • Leaving the quest area removes them from you.
    • See ReadMe for more.

    NOTE: if you run into NoUnequip and/or have no empty Jewellery slots.
    If your setup only allows 1 amulet and 2 rings then search Google using "Oblivion Nexus ring mod".
    I've recommended Oblivion Reloaded for effects such as water - it allows 5 rings.


    Indornia is a story based on an Aldmeric race that went missing around 5000 years before the Oblivion Crisis.
    The only evidence are art works that have stood the test of time.
    Herein lies the mystery of paintings showing luscious valleys - the Kyraul, were allegedly banished to a desert valley of Yokuda.
    In the story, there is the fabled 'Lost Tomb of the Kyraul'.
    At around a year before the Oblivion Crisis, an avid treasure hunter, Dalvor Nasam, discovered this tomb.
    The valley is indeed desert. It's ridges and rocky outcrops match a painting in Dalvor's collection. The painting, however, has the valley lush with flora and fauna from all over Nirn - thriving in defiant harmony.

    In the game, you play the main character.

    NOTE: There is a lot of dialog to fast track you into the story.
    If you want to 'Fire' button-key through it then read the Apocrypha 4 Black Books and pay attention to Txkoseh.

    Please, go easy on the voice acting, I did what I could.
    If you want to improve on any of it then your more than welcome.

    • Outside anywhere.
    • You must not be in combat.
    • Stand still for around 5-15 seconds.
    • Sentinel talks to you.
    • Sentinel gives you a scrying Stone called Indornia

    The Start Up is around 20-30 minutes of play time till you get a travel stone.
    If that's too much an inconvenience Google "oblivion nexus travel spell".


    At this stage there is a very short start up quest followed by some Arihn Korteseo quests.
    The Arihn Korteseo are the military of the Kyraul.
    There isn't much else to do at this stage.
    Due to size and shape of the main worldspace, there is a fair amount of LOD.
    Rather than load your machine up with lots of creatures outside on Arc'gah, there will be lots of caves and mines with related quests.
    New creatures - it's an alien realm let alone planet.
    One of my first tasks will be to add people to the villages and again, related quests.
    Kalosan Island is small, not flat and can have plenty of actors.
    Kalosan Island has the Sea Merchants Guild and will eventually have 2 Stevedore Guilds.
    The plan is to allow membership of 1 stevedore as well as sea merchant guilds - there are quests planned for this.


    Interior: you will need to maximize distance settings for full benefit in a number of interiors. Otherwise certain things may not make sense.

    Exterior: at least distant buildings to look any good on the main worldspace. Again, distance settings at maximum for full benefit.

    Oblivion 1.2.416
    Shivering Isles
    Unofficial Oblivion Patch by Quarn and Kivan and Arthmoor and PrinceShroob.
    Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch by Quarn and Kivan and Arthmoor and PrinceShroob.
    OBSE v0021 (or later) by OBSE Team.


    Please see check Credits below first for those items' permissions.
    Click here for the coral resource.
    Click here for the paraffin lights resource.
    You will need to message me for permission on anything else.


    I have carefully gone over my documentation and mod files.
    If I've still failed to credit anyone then I apologize, please let me know and I will add you/them immediately.
    You do not have to install these but please go there and endorse their good work.

    Mage Equipment 21 by Aknevrec - Mannimarco outfit used for The Spectre.
    Riley Marks - Static Rugs and Tapestries.
    Riley Marks - Static Furniture Set.
    Mr Siikas Farm Animals - chickens on farm on Kalosan Island.
    Spider Creature by Malo and Elveon.
    ElAlquimista - Vanilla Gear Redux.
    Sister Nightfall by Sinblood - used for Vestenia's outfit.
    Ye Olde Gallery - Baroque and gothic paintings by Ivaldisk.
    Oblivion Character Overhaul 2 by Nuska - used for the Kyraul race and Dalvor Nasam.
    Vampire Hunter Armor by Eyren.
    DragonKnightArmor by ken1945.
    Cazy Hair Pack by Cazy.
    Lost Paladins of the Divines by Jerros and LHammonds.
    HG Eyecandy Body by RAIAR and Madcat221 - used for Sharmat stone warriors.
    DDSOpt by Ethatron.
    BSAOpt by Ethatron.

    Robert Stein III - more than 12 textures used for stars, planets and moons.
    Creative Commons License - as per Robert Stein III requirements.


    Oblivion Reloaded
    Kalosan Island's water: due to coral, water settings are for transparency/tropical effect on vanilla but it looks fake. Oblivion Reloaded solves that.
    ENB with the right settings could be an alternative.
    Oblivion Character Overhaul by Nuska.

    NOTE: Arc'gah is around the size of the Shivering Isles yet mostly flat. All buildings can be seen from many places and are 'Visible when distant'.
    The spaceship is mainly for inter realm/planetary travel. Planet side flying is a novelty and I won't waste time stabilizing it for quite some time.
    • Extensive fast travel on Arc'gah will lead to lag - enter/exit a building or cave where possible.
    • Followers are not supported by spaceship flying, will tumble around and cause CTD - make them wait then summon them later.
    • You may need to slow down the spaceship - see ../Oblivion/Data/Docs/kvIndornia01/kvIndornia01SpaceShip.txt
    • [size=4]The spaceship drive (animated orb) may cause CTD for planet side flying - fly in short bursts of 3-5 seconds and/or slow it down - see ../Oblivion/Data/Docs/kvIndornia01/kvIndornia01SpaceShip.txt.

    Being Aldmeric, much of Kyrauli is based off Dunmeri.
    In the story, the Kyraul were involved with the Falmer and ended up with much the same written form.

    Over millenia, contact with the Raksisk has had an influence on Kyrauli.
    Certain grammatical rules and phrasing have been adopted which has led to inconsistencies.