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This mod add only a new design of DLC Frostcrag interriors to be pleasure to live in there.

Permissions and credits
I'm not the author of DLC Frostcrag. Bethesda is the author.
I just was dissapointed, I paid a huge money for my Tower and I've got an empty stone garage.

I decided to create my re-design of legendary Tower.

Oblivion Gold Edition 
(I don't tried any others versions because I havn't its)
Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches

Unofficial Oblivion Patch 
DLC Frostcrag.bsa
For a COBL-version you need have a COBL installed

  • The re-design of lights and interiors of DLC without changes of the Quest.
  • It's a ESP replacer.
  • You can install the ONE of two versions: usual and Cobl-version (if you have a Cobl)
  • This archives have only a esp file
  • I planned also to create a spell of teleport to Home, but it will be very simple in the Game for a players.

Creating this Home I used a terms for me:
  • don't touch a Quest
  • don't make a many chests 
  • Only strong vanilla

- I created an Altar to Bless you. Blessing give to you a shield from magic and phisical attacks=20 points on 30 minutes + 5 of power + cure from any viruses + 500 of healing

- I created a Press-stanok to create a Lockpicks from a Mugs. This is my creation! Because the mugs often exists in the inventories of enemies. Now it will be useful for us

- I added a dummy and aims to training outside.

- I added a bed, chests, table and chair.

- I changed a lights, added a lights outside

- In Cobl version i added a Grinder and Alchemical Sorter.

This mod is very simple in installing.

  • Very simple! As like usual, NMM or МО or OBMM you can use.
  • You can install it with DLC Frostcrag.esp exchanging.
  • Or (it would be useful) take out the [DLC Frostcrag.esp] file to your any other place, leave only a bsa file in the game-folder. And to install the mod.
  • As like usual buy the papers in "Mystic Emporium" from the elven woman and play.

That's all! Have a nice game!

I recomend you:
Setsuna Dummy Training

Forbidden: this file [DLC Frostcrag.esp] belong to Bethesda Inc. But idea of re-design belong to me as to Author and this publication of english versions belong to Don't publicate this plugin on other sites without my permission! Thank you for understanding!

Especial thanks to CarlosS4444 for a help with english translation!
Bethesda Inc
Sofa and Chair Set 1 by Xiamara 
Meos Modular Fireplaces