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Hoping to expand their land for new settlers, the Elder council sent out a group of soldiers and workers to break down the existing waterfront settlement, and begin rebuilding it into a settlement worth living in. The local beggar and thief population was slowly driven out with their homes destroyed, but this was only going to last so long.

As time passed, the newly established town became a hub of a crime and lawless freedom, it was just as the old days, but with alot more property. Civilians wondering the streets during the night often found somebody or another following them, waiting for the right time to pick their pocket.

It was paradise, and over time, the town attracted a man by the name of Claudius, who used one of the abandoned buildings to establish the cloak and dagger inn. The inn attracted all kinds of people, from thieves looking for an easy pay, to mercenaries looking to earn coin from the dangerous neighborhood, aswell as the poor, and those running from their past.


Waterfront:thief edition Changes the waterfront into a den of thieves, consisting of larger wooden buildings, it is the ideal place for any thief or otherwise less reputable person to enjoy a good mug of ale, or a good business deal. The mod changes the look of all the exteriors of the buildings, but leaves the interiors intact so that quests may work as usual. The navmesh has been adjusted to fit the new structures, so there shouldn't be any people walking into walls.


-new look for the "Poor area" of the waterfront, full of back alleys and tall wooden buildings
-a brand new inn, with it's own custom sign: the Cloak and dagger inn
-all 3 new characters have their own schedule
-A rare non beast folk Blackwood mercenary has arrived in town, he waits in the tavern, ready to train your in the art of
combat, or to drag you to jail and claim your bounty if he notices you commit a crime.
-a thief hanging out near the redone player home, ready to train you in the art of lockpicking (just remember, he is "at work" at night =P).
-Claudius, the owner of the cloak and dagger, serving drinks, food and potions during the day, sleeping near the beggars during the night.
-fully redone player home with a sewer vault, office, living area and a training room (Check changelog for 2.0)
-seamless integration


-more upgrades to the inn
-a fence
-upgrades to the vault


Update 2.0 released, this update replaces the original house exterior and interior with a brand new thief masterpiece (Check new pictures). The old "buy the house" quest has been altered, deleting some stages so that the quest will complete as soon as you are set the owner and get the key (furnishing purchases are useless now, and won't do much of anything, as the home comes furnished). Remember to remove all items if you had any in the vanilla home/previous version before installing, also make sure you are not inside the home or in the waterfront. Cheers!

Player home parts:

 The (( FIRST FLOOR )) is simple, which contains a bed, a fireplace, a table and a closet (more of which i'll speak later).

On the (( SECOND FLOOR )) you have the training room, which has an archery target, a punching bag and 3 weapon racks for weapon storage. If you head across the training room, you will arrive at the jewel of the house, your own office. The office consists of 3 book shelves (2 of which are fully empty for your own items, 1 of which has some starter books and statues), your desk and a mysterious NOTE from the previous owner of the building, who will tell her short story and her last wish.

Once you read the note, feel free to head to the (( CLOSET )) and use the hidden hatch to enter the (( SEWER VAULT )). The vault containts a bunch of chests behind a locked door, like all storage inside the house, it is safe for you to store your hard earned...or well...well stolen...loot.


-Bethesda game studios for the construction kit and Elder scrolls 4: Oblivion
-My friend gguy for helping out with the creation
-The nifskope team for creating Nifskope