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Increases the chance to harvest Cairn Bolete Caps and Wisp Stalk Caps from 33% to 50%.

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Cairn Bolete Caps and Wisp Stalk Caps have a very low chance to be harvested compared to other mushrooms. This mod changes that by increasing the chance to harvest from 33% to 50%, putting them in line with other mushrooms.

Harvesting them should be even less of a pain than before.

Before you comment, I am fully aware of Wrye Bash's harvest chance setting, but that is for all flora in the game. I actually like that there's a chance to not harvest anything when picking plants and mushrooms and I also feel that flora should have different harvest chances. I just think that 33% is too low.

There's also a version that allows this to work with the astounding Harvest Flora mod by Quarn and Dejunai  ( This requires the Harvest Flora mod obviously.

Only use one version!