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A long forgotten temple in the wilds of Cyrodiil.

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Minae Namga Abandoned Temple by mechatech


Let us away....

While on the road to Leyawiin, you feel nature's call and seek to answer it promptly. Under a small rock overhang north west of the Wayshrine of Stendarr you discover partially buried remains. From there it's up to you.


A long forgotten temple in the wilds of Cyrodiil. A place of interest with a small backstory. Can be used as a player home.

This started out as a replacer to convert part of Ebrocca into a player home. Eventually became a seperate cell, then was expanded to include a temple, then more rooms added to flesh it out, then more ruins added on the surface, then a few more additions for interest. Mostly an experiment to see what I could do with the CS. I highly recommend the Extended CS. It's more user friendly and stable and is what encouraged me to finish this after it sat on my HD for three years. I built it keeping in mind that it would be possible to build this in real life, more or less. Nearly drove me insane. I would love to build a quest with dialogue and all but I don't have the knowledge nor the desire to climb anymore learning curves.

It's a lost temple. Very few have seen it over the centuries. Some bits are visible across Cyrodill but won't get you in. If you're the kind who likes to travel off the beaten path you might stumble onto it. In a sense I've created the equivalent of a rumor that you might hear in a tavern. "I've heard of an old temple somewhere but no ones found it yet." This is a mod about exploration. It was meant to be installed and forgotten about then "discovered" during play. Unfortunately Oblivion is past its time. Not many doing play throughs anymore, I know I'm not.

My apologies for any injuries/deaths caused by my previous attempts. Remember, if any parachute I sell you fails to open you get a full refund.

DLC Shivering Isles

Select With Rats OR Without Rats esp plugin, do not use both.
Load the optional lights addon after Minae Namga.esp
Load the patch after Minae Namga.esp.
Drop the meshes, textures and sound folders onto your DATA folder, if asked to merge folders say yes.
Check the esps with a mod manager. Explore.

Borders will need to be disabled. Go here: C:\uses\your user name\My documents\my games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini , find bEnableBorderRegion=1 and change the 1 to a 0.

With the exception of the resources the temple itself is built of vanilla assests on a vanilla landscape. It will probably conflict with Better Cities, Unique Landscapes and any mod that modifies Cyrodiil in general. Feel free to make compatibility plugins or make it part of those mods.

If there are any issues I can address them on the weekends. My job gives me little free time weekdays.

Unknown as I keep finding mistakes.

There isn't any. Use at your own risk. It worked for me but depending on how your game is configured it may not work for you.

This mod is for nexusmods.com only. It is not to be uploaded anywhere else and not for profit.

The ESP plugin and only the ESP plugin is a modder resource. You can make it part of your quest or dungeon mod, just give me the credit for its layout. Uses phitts and stroti modders resources as eye candy. They aren't needed for the ESP to function as a modder resource.

Strotis static meshes bakerman is baking bread Oven
Strotis complete bath meshes
Strotis blacksmith tools
strotis creepy tree
Strotis new globe resource
Strotis static machine parts
Strotis static microscope resource
Strotis new furniture II
Strotis static meshes Oven
Strotis static meshes Sundial
Strotis static telescope resource
Strotis washing meshes
Strotis static meshes workbench

Measures Modders Resource by Phitt

Sounds of Deep Space » ethereal ttn 1 b3 17

v1.0 - initial release
v1.01 - fixed texture path for wanted poster
v1.01b - tweaked trigger boxes
v1.01c - couple of minor change
v1.02 - numerous small changes
v1.05b - added small quest and some fixes
v1.06 - fixed some broken mesh paths, unlocked a gate that should not have been locked, added missing door support, fixed grammer in a book.
v1.07 - fixed serious missing mesh issue, emptied alms chest and removed key as it made no sense in an abandoned temple.
v1.07a - added rats

v1.00 - initial release
v1.01 - added missing poster texture
v1.02 - added more missing textures

v1.00 - fixed issue with skeleton and waterproof satchel falling through ground if touched

v1.00 - adds some failing light crystals throughout the temple