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Oblivion Font Editor

A browser-based tool for editing Oblivion's fonts. It can load existing fonts, or create a new one by rendering glyphs to an HTML5 canvas. Glyphs can be individually modified, and kerning and ascender lengths can also be modified for all glyphs at once. Text can be previewed in the loaded font, with accurate glyph placement and line-spacing. Fonts can be resaved as FNT/TEX pairs. For usage instructions, refer to the README.txt (which the Nexus should also allow me to add as a mod page tab).

As of the v1 upload, the editor is fully-functional except that it doesn't generate proper vertical alignment for fonts created from scratch. You will need to rely on in-game testing and trial-and-error to get it right. The README has more details.


This is one of my personal tools and as such, it is provided as-is. I may fix bugs or provide support on request, but in general I'm going to be a lot less keen on fixing this thing than I would be for my public works.

The web page tool was developed for Firefox and has only been tested in that browser. As far as I know, all the tech I used is standard, so it should work in other browsers. If it doesn't, try Firefox.