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+5 on ALL attributes regardless the skill usage

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Everybody knows that in Oblivion the bonus on attributes depends on the skill usage during the time between level up. This mod solves the prolem by giving the max value possible for ALL THE ATTRIBUTES, regardless of the amount of skill points earned.
This result was achieved by using the following tools:
-SetPlayerSkillAdvances, an OBSE function, capable to trick the game into believing you actually raised the skills
-ilevelLevlUp0XMult, a game setting, which defines the amount of attribute earned. This is set at 5 (vanilla) but can be easily modified by editing the .ini file provided
Feel free to use this mod as you wish.

IMPORTANT: Due to some lag with script run, it is recommended to wait few seconds between two leveling ups , in order to let the value of skill advancements to be set properly. I suggest to open console and type the command tdt , to view if these settings are updated: look at the list in the center and proceed to level up only when they are set to 1 coming from 0.