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Thunderfall Lodge and Bruma Bunker

Discovering that at higher levels, there are few suitable player homes in the Vanilla game, I made this mod. Sure, you can throw stuff in a chest and sleep in a battered old bed, but why settle? This mod adds Thunderfall Lodge and Bruma Bunker player homes. Pets, a rideable Unihorn, and more await you. 
Thunderfall Lodge is located North of the Brina Cross Inn.
Bruma Bunker is located under a manhole cover at the front of the Chapel of Talos, in Bruma.
There is relatively over-powered equipment at both locations, so you may not want to go here until a higher level
Readme.txt included.
Shivering Isles is recommended
CM Partners.esm and CM Partners.esp are required! The mod will crash your game without these.

Feel free to message me concerning any complaints, bugs, or anything else you'd want me to know.