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This is one of the oldest projects of mine. I am still working on it but that is for my own pleasure.
Some play cards, I mod.

Maybe this mod can be useful for you?

This is "new land" in nexusmods terms. Which means there is a minimum of risk installing it.
The load order is neither important.

To enter Vanheim you fast travel from the red fishing boat that is docked at Anvil Docks.
Enter through the trap door on its fore deck.

Actually there are 2 islands, Vanheim and the neighbor Bjarger.
None of them are occupied in this version.

You will eventually find a farm with animals on the lower ridge. A sharp eye will find 2 paths.

One path is leading almost to the top of the mountain where you can enter a golden gate.
Further investigating is up to you.

A second path is going around the mountain and down to a beach on the backside of Vanheim.

To go to Bjarger there is another red fishing boat available for fast travel.

I really hope you enjoy my work.

Edit: I have forgotten Betty who is a steady contributor to my mods.
Lougian for help, textures and inspiration.
Stroti and Meo3000 for their endless contributions.
Mesogea for his Cliffscapes which unfortunately not are available on nexusmods anymore. Hopefully he will be back.
Mr_Siika for his birds and ships.
Thanks to the staff at nexusmods for sorting out more stuff than they have ever done.
Thanks to the creators of Oblivion - A game that is hard to leave :D