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Character for use with the mod "Co-op Oblivion".
Customised stats to match the players. (+50 Health, +50 Magicka and Birthsign)
And a teleport spell to move the second player close to you in case he gets lost while in player1 mode.

Permissions and credits
Marcus is the character I play as in Oblivion, because of that I made him a co-op ready character to play as when playing with friends.
Thought I might as well post my character mod up incase others, but be warned: I made this mod years ago, so I'm incredibly iffy/rusty on what/how to fix and whathave you (and I'm pretty much a novice to actual modding). But I'll try to patch things up if I can.

Marcus will level up along side you, you won't be able to select the stats that are leveled up, but the skills and stats will still rise while you do.
Race: Breton
Birthsign: Thief (it gave the most attribute points, and speed was always nice!)
Class: Mageblade (custom of course, basically a Mage, but instead of alchemy, blade! and Willpower switched with Strength)
Spec: Magic
Primary Attributes: Strength, Intelligence
Major Skills: Blade, Conjuration, Destruction, Alteration, Illusion, Restoration, Mysticism

Inventory: Prisoner gear, +1000 Gold for buying starter spells.

And there is one other NPC you'll notice right when you start a new game.
The Shade, Marcus won't be in the cell with you right off the bat, but the Shade will. He sells the basic spells as well as the spell to Summon Marcus whenever you like (costs 0 gold). He exists because I've had nothing but bad luck adding the spells directly without any bugs involving auto casting during co-op mode.

The shade will be in the Prisoner's Cell, and right outside the sewers with Marcus right next to him if you haven't summoned him before hand.

Requirments: Oblivion Co-op

Recommended mods: Oblivion XP or Oblivion XP Update (Skills won't level up while you're in Vanilla with the Co-op running, so you may want this to be able to progress in leveling up. Haven't figured out how to enable kills in co-op mode to give XP, but at least quests and other stuff still do!)
STM Scouter- Health- Level- Stat bars- Damage Tracking (Keep track of your stats with this!)

Installation: Should be simple, just hit download with Manager and enable it there. If downloaded manually, just unzip the file into your Oblivion\Data folder.

Feel free to edit the co-op character in the construction set into your own personal character for use. Hopefully looking through my character will help make your own Co-op experience feel more personalised.