Velveteen Armour As Clothing by Myrystyr
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Added: 13/08/2017 - 12:37AM
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Mod Name: Velveteen Armour As Clothing
Series: Armoury Module
Number: 6
Author: Myrystyr
Original Author: Korana
Date: 13/08/2017
Categories: Clothing, Armour
Requirements: HGEC

Hello, and welcome to the latest entry in a series of mods cleaning up Cyrodiil.

Discovering (and looting) the bodies of deceased adventurers is an old fantasy staple, and you never know what you might find at an old Ayleid ruin. However, not every adventurer is going to wander all the way out to Morahame (most of my characters seem to prefer Vilverin, Ceyatatar, and Sercen). Also, maybe it's all the years I spent running D&D campaigns, but respawning containers that don't have any rationale for being periodically restocked kind of breaks immersion for me. Consequently, Velveteen Armour is now available for purchase, in the Imperial City Market District, as well as clothing versions.

For images and further information, please see the original mod here: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/25375/

As always, if you are already satisfied with the original mod this one is based on you don't have to download this mod.

This mod was originally going to be a Clothing Building Block, until a numbering error crept into that series. Consequently, it is now an Armoury Module. Future clothing mods will form part of a new series.

These mods are my way of sharing some of the fun I have playing Oblivion. Thank you for reading, and enjoy your gaming.

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