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My 6 custom made hairstyles made into wigs, each coming in 5 colors.

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Here's the five hairstyles I've created over the summer converted for Oblivion! I first released these styles for Fallout 4 and Hayllee later converted them for Fallout New Vegas.

All these styles were inspired by an original character I have. I made Aza first, and it was inspired by a chivalrous Nord I created 10 years ago who tried to be righteous but was unfortunately a bit of a kleptomaniac. I tried to recreate her in my screenshots! My Zella hairstyles were based off my highly stylish Fallout 4 character, check out my Fallout 4 page to see pics of her. Lastly, my Neff hairstyles were created for my new(ish) Oblivion character who is a snarky Wood Elf I <3 to death, and has reinvigorated my love for Oblivion. 

For more on my hairstyles, check out my Tumblr page for them.




- Find them in both a chest at the Cheydinhal's Chapel near the doors and in Vilverin, down the first steps. I put them two places because when I started a new game they counted as stealing in the chapel, so I put them in Vilverin too as it's right there after you exit the sewers.
- The fit may not be perfect of all characters because of head shape, especially with wide/thin heads, but they should be okay for most. I also use OCO so there's that to keep in mind, however even vanilla or custom races should fit relatively well.
- The hairs need equipable ears to go with them. Apachii Wigs has elf ears, Apachii Goddess Store has some, and Kafei's Multipierced ears is another.
- Feel free to recolor the textures for your own use. 

Thanks to:

- Darigaz17 for explaining how to convert hairs for Oblivion
- Quemon, Chakaru11 and others for their bug troubleshooting
- All the super supportive people on Tumblr and Nexusmods who expressed interest at my screenshots and updates!
- The crazy talented people who've made custom made hairstyles for years and inspired me with their creations.
- Hayllee for converting these for New Vegas!

Hope you enjoy my first Oblivion mod! :)
* technically second actually, but that save game meme doesn't count