Better Quest - Earana (Fingers of the Mountain) by iamnone
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Added: 02/08/2017 - 01:20PM
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Last updated at 13:20, 2 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 13:20, 2 Aug 2017

--- Better Quest: Earana (Fingers of the Mountain) ---

(mod for TESIV: Oblivion)

by doubledeviant (aka iamnone)


This mod adds a new resolution to the Fingers of the Mountain quest.

It allows you to:

1. Decide not to tell Teekeeus about the book.

2. Ask Earana to leave town after helping her, satisfying Teekeeus' original request and gaining his recommendation.

3. Receive an improved/useful version of Finger of the Mountain (compatible with the FotM option of Quest Award Leveler).

4. Learn a basic shock spell from Earana.

5. Learn a spell to control the weather from Earana if you ask her about it when you are a Journeyman of Destruction.


Design Goals:

1. Provide a satisfying new resolution for the quest without breaking the original options.

2. Make the new resolution count towards the Mages Guild recommendation quest without altering that quest script.

3. Change the minimum amount of existing game files to implement the new resolution.

4. Avoid altering existing NPCs so that the mod is compatible with NPC overhauls.

5. Improve the Finger of the Mountain spell.



TES4Gecko - a fantastic tool, used to generate the silent voice files for the added dialogue