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Added: 01/08/2017 - 12:11AM
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UPDATE 17/08/17: Added support for Shivering Isles DLC

Ever thought to yourself "Man, i like the vanilla loading screens, but they look faded and low-quality nowadays..."? Well look no further, as i bring to you a rejuvenized set of vanilla loading screens to match your modern needs!

I got the idea for this mod from another author who did the same thing for Fallout: New Vegas' load screens here: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/63222/? . Using a tool called Waifu2X here: http://waifu2x.udp.jp/ i converted the load screens after extracting them from Oblivion's textures .bsa file and doubled their resolution, but that wasn't enough for me. You might be surprised to find that a lot of the UI elements were made for a limited colour range of 16-235 commonly found on TVs in the mid-2000s, so i took to GIMP and upped the contrast by 25% to bring the colour range to the now common 0-255, or PC RGB. I'm not sure it is true full colour, but at least the contrast matches the colour range.


Oblivion (obviously...)
Texture Size: Large (check issues for explanation.)


I use NMM for simple loose files. WAIT! I know people say you shouldn't use NMM for Oblivion because bad things happen and Wrye Bash is better BUT... in my experience nothing has ever gone wrong with NMM.

Manual: Extract the data folder from the archive and paste it into the Oblivion directory, not the Data folder already there. Merge them.
NMM: Download with manager and install. Done.
Wrye Bash: I'm not entirely sure what you do with files that aren't in BAIN format but BAIN users are obviously smart enough to figure this out! (MY GUESS: Add the archive to C:\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers directory and install. Done?)
MO: I think there is a Download with manager option so... the same as NMM?
Anything else: I really don't know, but if there is a manager more godly than Wrye Bash or MO then you'd probably have the know-how to figure out my mod's current issue, LOL!


This mod would have been out sooner if it weren't for a problem i've encountered when using this enhancer on different texture size settings. The screens become corrupt and/or artifact-y... basically Oblivion doesn't like it. I've tried many different compressions and formats but it does not want to work on different texture sizes. I've even tried adding the menus80 and menus50 folders with the same textures in them and at lower resolutions yet it still doesn't like it, and because Oblivion is old now and it's modding days are but a candleflame i would find it very hard to find a proper solution for my problem just by googling... so i thought the best thing to do is upload what i've got now and hopefully a knowledgeable Nexutier can help me out.


Fixing the damn screens at medium/low, CJ!


I do not claim to be the owner of these screens as the majority of the imagery is the property of Bethesda, but as a legitimate owner of Oblivion i feel this is enough permission to remaster the source of this mod which is the majority of its contents.

Feel free to take the screens and reuse the border artwork for your own original loading screens. The conversion for this section came out really nicely, don't ya'think?


Bethesda for Oblivion and the original screens.
nagadomi for Waifu2X
frosty-theaussie for the idea
[insert name] for helping me fix the current issue (PENDING)