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Added: 17/07/2017 - 03:01PM
Updated: 21/08/2017 - 03:59PM

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Last updated at 15:59, 21 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 15:01, 17 Jul 2017

version 1.2
fixed: sometimes the current spell got triggered instead of the one clicked from the hotbar
Version 1.1
Changed the fquestdelaytime .. nothing really significant

I didn't like it to hit the quickkey and then the cast button.
I found 8 hotkeys are not enough.
I like to specify a special key to swap between two weapons.

This plugin ..
.. triggers a spell from a hotkey on releasing the hotkey key
.. doesn't trigger the spell when you hold down a mouse button
.. gives you the opportunity to specify a key for swapping 2 weapons
.. gives you 8 hotkeys for every weapon; on weapon swap also the hotkeys change
    means you have actually 2 hotkey bars

I suggest starting this way:
Go into your inventory and equip a weapon. Out of the menu hit your weapon swap key.
Go again into your inventory and select the second swap weapon. Now you can already
swap between those two weapons. Next is to set your hotkeys for each weapon. Everytime
you change a hotkey the plugin will remember it .. the same counts for the weapons you

- The mechanic can be turned off when typing "stopquest xxQuestHotkey" in the console
    and turned on again when typing "startquest xxQuestHotkey"
- On loading the plugin you'll get asked to specify a key for weapon swap. If you wanna
    change the key later again then type "set xxQuestHotkey.doonce to 1" in the console.
- If you change the cast key from Oblivions key options the plugin must get to know this
    by typing "set xxQuestHotkey.doonce to 2" otherwise spells won't work anymore.
- I've managed that a spell doesn't get triggered when I hold down a mouse button. The
    reason is that I sometimes just wanna have a look at the quickkey circle without
    doing something.
- The plugin sets the current weapon as a swap weapon when you go into any menu mode.
    That includes even a dialog. So I recommend not to put another weapon under the
    hotkeys although it's possible but not useful.

.. you find included faster equip animation files.

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This mechanic is inspired by Elder Scrolls Online. It would be nice having the
quickkey circle in small format at the side when the player is in combat for some
little more overview. But since I have no clue about UserInterface manipulation this will
just have to wait for now.