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Greetings all!
Now I want to introduce collection of Nicoroshi's mods authored by Nicoroshi himself.
Below you can see text from master readme.

P.S. from uploader:
Longer Arrows for Shivering Isles  -DONE-  Please feedback about work this single mod
One-handed version of The Spirit Blade  -DONE-  Please feedback about work this single mod
One-handed and two-handed The Talon of Akatosh  -DONE-  Please feedback about work this single mod
_Make sure one or all of it loads AFTER the Nicoroshis Creations.esp_

And stats of items  -  Still in progress. Any help with it welcome.

Below original readme, edited for more convenience.
Readme by myself in progress.


Master readthis for Nicoroshi creations as of 10.7.07  v1.0

Reason for this mod:

It was requested of me to combine all of my released works to date. Being the guy I am I did :)

What this mod does:

This mod combines all my released works as of 10.7.07 into two .esp files for those that would like a cleaner data directory.

This mod contains the latest versions of:

Akorithi's Jade Bow
Blakeley's Lachrymal Bow
Charon's Call
Dreadweave Complete (heavy and light versions as different .esp)
Doomshard Bow
The Longer Arrow Mod
Mirage Bow
Ice Bow
Quinga Bows
The Spirit Blade (two-handed version only)
Talon of Akatosh (longsword only)
Bow of Blades
Bow of Bones (revisited)
Bow of Robin of Locksley
Bow of The Drow
Bow of The Hunter
Bow of The Mongolian Horseman
Bow of Thorns
Daedric Bow of Blood
Obsidian Axe
Wulfharth's Fury

Installation Instructions:

Download the mod and extract to a known location (like My Documents, and NOT your Oblivion folder)

Open the folder, and locate the file labeled "Data".

Edit/Copy to folder to your Oblivion folder (normally located at C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion)

When prompted by Windows to overwrite files with the same name answer "Yes to All"

Start up Oblivion and in the data directory place a checkmark next to the
"Nicoroshi Creations DW Heavy.esp" for the heavy version of the Dreadweave items or
"Nicoroshi Creations DW Light.esp" for the light version of Dreadweave items.

Play, and enjoy :)

Important Note:

Please use only one of the two .esp included depending on which version of Dreadweave you'd like to have installed.

Un-Installation Instructions:

Remove the checkmark in your data directory from the "Nicoroshi Creations (DW heavy or light).esp"

It is not needed to remove the files themselves but if you'd like to please refer to the readthis for the individual item for details on how the files are named.

Known Issues:

If you have been using one of my single release .esp and would like to change to this combined release but have one of the items in your inventory you will need to go back to the place you recieved the item to regain it.

If you would like to use the claymore version of the Talon of Akatosh or the single handed version of the Spirit Blade you'll need to load the single releases of that mod and make sure it loads AFTER the Nicoroshis Creations.esp.


This mod contains all the readme files for each individual item. If you have specific questions please refer to the single release readme for information.

This mod also contains a folder called "Hints" which contains pictures of the locations of each item. Use this (or not) as you see fit.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the items in this mod. Please refer to the individual readthis files for each item's contributers.


It is O.K. to re-release this mod in it's original form should I become unreachable.

It is also O.K. to use the meshes, textures, and icons as a modders resource so long as credit is given for my original work.

Version Log:

1.0 - initial release