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Melee combat more intense and challenging. All enemies attacks and acts 2x faster. New dodging-dash system with "pseudo" i-frames for player character. Player attacks 1.2x faster. Some actions of player 2x faster, like vanilla rolls/flips - they became pretty usefull finally. Highly compatible.

Permissions and credits
Recent short video with no-backward-running-mod installed

Opening Cheat Engine window after launching game could result with crashes right after activating it or later in game.
In this update it is required to launch cheat engine and ahk before launching game and activate cheat table with hotkey when save game is loaded - it prevents from cheat engine going to front and minimizing Oblivion.
Dramatically decreased crash to desktop chance because that simple change of mod activation.
Updated HowTo section of readme because mod activation is different now.

"SWING" pointer fixes. Less crashes should happen now.

Fixed "SWING" pointer. Modification should be fully functional now.
Added few more required mods : EngineBugFixes, NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash and its optional DisableProcessWindowsGhosting v2 plugin...
Added backup pointers in case if somehow "SWING" won't work for You (should not happen now)

Fixed occasional crashes with my mod - just forgotten about ";" symbols there and there in my dodging script.
Uploaded version for "No Backwards Running" modification by Tornight only now - without that modification for players with a bit leveled speed dodging is not required at all with that vanilla insane backward run speed.
"No Backwards Running" is required mod now.
Melee is perfect now.

Forgotten to mention - hotkey settings must be changed in Cheat Engine settings if You encounter input lag or delayed or too short dashes.
Just open Cheat Engine, go to Edit->Settings->Hotkeys, here change:
- "keypoll interval (miliseconds)" to 0
- "delay between reactivating hotkeys" to 50


Uploaded optional mod version with adjusted dodging speeds.
It's adjusted just to "No Backwards Running" modification by Ely Soto (Tornnight).

Why this mod?
Because if player get decent speed in game (for example 75 heavy armor + 75 speed + 75 athletics, even at 50 we get nice speed if we use light armor)
we can just run backward and nothing can hit us, while we can spam our enemies with longer weapons.
That's make new dodges or rolls/flips kinda useless...

But, "No Backwards Running" mod is cure for it - it just automatically toggles "walk" when we move backward.
Even for high speed characters speed is drastically reduced. Backflips and dodges, timed blocks and perfect evasions (to not get damage) are way to go now.

In update I've just:
- increased back dodge speed,
- increased front dodge speed a little, little bit,

After some more hours of constant testing, Oblivion Stutter Remover is no longer reccomended for my mod.

I was encountering strange game freezes, where I couldn't do anything, except alt+f4 to force game shutdown.
My mod list was just small and simple - Oblivion v1.2.0416, OBSE 0021, all official DLC, all Unofficial Patches, Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul. DarNified UI, Stutter Remover.

After removing Stutter Remover I don't get any perma-freezes.

If You encounter game freezes, try uninstalling Stutter Remover.

Hardcore modification here

Goal is to make melee combat more intense and challenging.

- all enemies attacks and acts 2x faster,
- new dodging-dash system with "pseudo" i-frames for player character, block-dash possible too,
* by "pseudo" i-frames I mean that - when dodge is timed correctly (we are invicible 110 miliseconds after keypress) we take no damage, even from ranged weapon or spell, but still can get stunlocked or recoiled. It works like that because I couldn't find any trick with Cheat Engine to make player character totally invulnerable (no collisions+no damage),
- player attacks 1.2x faster - except two-handed swords, axes and hammers - for 1.2 multiplier I've added simple +0.03 speed bonus there too,
- some actions of player 2x faster, like vanilla rolls/flips - they became pretty usefull finally,


Official Oblivion Patch v1.2.0416

OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender) latest version (0021 now)


"No Backwards Running" modification by Ely Soto (Tornnight)


NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash

Only those things if we talk about Oblivion files - required for Cheat Engine scripts and adresses works correctly.

Cheat Engine software (6.6 minimum)




1. Download and install Cheat Engine (6.6 minimum) and AutoHotkey external software,
2. Move to and unpack "Adrenaline Mode 1.2.rar" to "C:\". Just "C:\". No subfolders. Now You can create shortcut of "_Obek.ahk" file and move it to desktop, etc. anywhere,
3. Launch "_Obek.ahk" file before launching game,
4. Press "X" keyboard key - AutoHotkey script and Cheat Engine table should launch now,
5. Launch game,
6. Go to controls options, remap those keyboard commands buttons (MUST BE DONE):
- "Sneak" to Q,
- "Run" to L-Shift (probably set by default)
7. Load Your save or start new game, doesn't matter - but You need to be in game world playing Your character, new game not required,
8. Press "]" keyboard key once to activate Cheat Engine script,
9. Done. Press left Shift button to dodge in any direction. You can dodge during block too.

NOTE: After You finish playing and You exit Oblivion close AutoHotkey script in Windows tray (notification area). Just right click->exit on green box "H" icon there.

Repeat steps 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 after every next game launch to play with my mod.


My mod doesn't modify any of game files.
Compatible with any modification that:
- doesn't modify Oblivion .exe or basic .dll files
- doesn't modifiy weapon attack speeds,

How does it even work?

Attack speeds:
Without Cheat Engine speedhack option I couldn't do that.
It works like that:
First, whole game is speedhacked x2 - whole world, time, npc and hero, everything except soundtrack and sound effects is 2x faster...
Second, there is script running in Cheat Engine, which checks speed values of equipped weapon
in player current speed adress, and it changes it every 1 second. Script is never resting, never ends working.
For example, if script see the 1.0 speed value in player current speed adress (1.0 we get for example after equipping longsword weapon type,
bare fists or bow) it starts changing it to 0.6 every second. Why 0.6? Mod makes player attacks 1.2x faster right? So:

1.0/2=0.5 -> /2 because whole game is speedhacked x2, so 0.5 will be default vanilla attack speed after speedhacking,
0.5x1.2=0.6 -> x1.2 because we want to have player attacking 1.2 faster, simple math here,

Scripts checks and changes values every 1 second because player current speed value is changing every time You change, draw, sheathe weapons, go to menus etc. if I remember right... We change longsword weapon to, for example dagger (1.4 speed in vanilla), script will be changing adress value to 0.84 dynamically.

Probably that script working every 1 second is conflicting with Stutter Remover and freezing the game... Probably, I'm not sure...

Bad side of my script is that when some mod changes basic weapon types speed values, the script will not work. I've written it for vanilla weapon types speeds only. You could easily add new script conditionals, but need to know the exact new speed values.
I'm lucky that Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul don't change weapon speeds ;)

I could just modify instructions in game-code with Cheat Engine (tested it) so equiping any weapon will auto-multipliy value which will be set to character current attack speed value... Sadly, there is no separate instruction for player and NPCs. So it makes no sense because humanoid in game would get same speed values.

Speedhack related stuff:
Because speedhacking x2 some other worth noting things got 2x faster/shorter too, not only attack speeds of enemies (both NPCs and monsters):

- reaction time of enemies - 2x shorter delay between actions, block durations, etc. Combined with Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul
combat AI on steroids (unforgiving NPCs on drugs) and higher level NPCs (when they became more aggressive and got new special moves) we get pretty intense melee action...
- enemies and player raises block, starts swinging, etc. 2x faster too,
- spellcasting - couldn't find casting speed values, so sadly, both player and NPCs cast spells 2x faster,
- missiles, like arrows or spells flies 2x faster,
- duration of effects, buffs, debuffs, 2x shorter,
- knockdown, paralyze, recoil, stunlock etc. duration 2x shorter,
- acrobatics dodge rolls and backfilps 2x faster - so we get shorter delay too, they works really awesome now,
- talking speed during conversations x2 faster too - sadly, that brings desync between dialogue playback and lip movement, no idea how to fix it,
- lockpick minigame 2x faster - You need be focused like freaking chinese-hyper-monk now, go try the chest near Imperial City Arena (very hard lock type early),
- magicka and stamina regenerates 2x faster,
- most of player and enemies animations 2x faster too, looks comical sometimes, but melee is the focus of this mod, I just don't care,
- game time goes 2x faster, game messages too, sleep slider 2x faster too (really cool addition!),

Movement speeds:
Unchanged. Vanilla speeds here. Just changed global speed value multiplier (player and enemies) from 3 to 1.5 after speedhacking whole game x2.

New dodging system:

It's my secret ;) But if You know basics of AutoHotkey and Cheat Engine You could take "sneak peek" inside my files.
I can only tell You that it uses sneak mode as animation. If You get stuck in sneak mode after Your game lags, or freeze during dodge, just press sneak button to return to standard stance pose.

Reccomended Mods:

Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul (to be honest must have too!!!)

DarNified UI

Unofficial Oblivion Patches


FCOM or MMM not reccomended (because enemies lying on ground in middle of combat because fatigue and other nonsenses in game world)

Prepare to die. A lot.