Sloppy Baurus by Valen Dreth
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                 The Elder Scrolls IV

                      Sloppy Baurus 

Oh no, Sloppy Baurus forgot to lock the doors behind him again...
"Looks like it's your lucky day!"
  -An alternative to alternate start.

So, you're in your cell, right, just minding your own business, having
a chat with that rude dark elf in the opposite cell, when suddenly the
emperor comes along with his bodyguards.
There's been an attack and assassins are apparently after him, so they
figure they'd use the secret escape route through your cell.
If only you'd have known about that one earlier, am I right?
Fortunately, there's an even more lucrative solution to your jailness
because the last bodyguard seems a bit distracted by the situation.

His name is Baurus.
Yes, he forgets to lock your cell door, but not only that, you see he
also forgot to lock the door leading down to the prison dungeon!
You can just waltz out of the place like ain't nobody's business!
Who's laughing now, Valen Dreth?!

But yeah, if you're interested - the emperor and his bodyguards all
get massacred a little further down their so called "escape route".
All but one bodyguard - guess who?
Ironic, I know...

Not like that's your problem or anything, you can just go about doing
whatever you like with your newfound freedom!
Oh, what's that in your pocket?
The Amulet of Kings?!
You sneaky bastard!
Still, you're free, so take it to Jauffre whenever you feel like it!
Ain't no hurry here!
# Oblivion v1.2
Simple, really.
# Extract the 'SloppyBaurus.esp'-file to your 'Data' folder in your
  Oblivion directory.
  Alternatively, if you're using the 'All Natural' mod you should copy
  the 'SloppyBaurus.esp' from the 'All Natural Version'-folder instead.
  Don't run both, that's just dumb and won't do you any good.
# Activate 'SloppyBaurus.esp' either via the 'OblivionLauncher.exe' or
  your preferred mod manager.
Well, there shouldn't be much to mention.
This mod adds a scripted door, changes one or two lines in the script
that Baurus uses, adds one extra step in the MQ02 quest, unlocks the
entrance to the Imperial Prison and the cell-doors in question for both
of it's instances (Intro and Dark Brotherhood).
Yeah, that should be all.
Anything that tinkers with the exact same things will probably cause
a conflict.
# A bug causing the player to teleport to the end of the sewers upon revising
  the race at the prison door has been squashed.
  In addition, the player can no longer leave the prison without selecting both
  a class and a birth sign.
  This was hotfixed 16:24, 16 July 2017 with the updated version 1.2.
  Anybody who downloaded the mod prior to this time is advised to download
  and replace their previous version with this newer one.
# It was brought to my attention that I had accidentally mixed up the two
  versions of the '.esp'-files. An updated version of the zip-file was uploaded
  6/27/2017 ~10:26PM to remedy that issue. To you who downloaded the file
  prior to that, I apologize for this mistake.
  This update also fixed the grammar and slightly changed the text in the
  message appearing at the door, as well as in the quest log.
# You may repackage this mod as you please, it's the first mod I've
  ever done so it's nothing special.
# Made using the TES Construction Set.
# Baurus is sloppy.