Lush and Gaudy - ENB far terrain patch by AverageModding
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Added: 10/06/2017 - 09:56PM
Updated: 10/06/2017 - 09:56PM

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I love love, lush and gaudy mod, but when you install it and may you use an ENB, then you go in bruma, watch at the mountains and think that your game it's fucked up, no worries, this textures help solve the problem whitout change anything of your enb settings !!

I made it because i've an enb for me, and the fantasy look it makes works in a marvelous way whit lush and gaudy, creating a magic atmosphere in forest
and here is is ! preserving all far landscape from lush and gaudy, only the mountain have been fixed in photoshop, transition between far and near landscape isnt prefect, but it's work well it's better than walking in the superfice of the sun itself

About the legal notes on this mod, since that everyone can generate it's own simalr textures and share it i did it whitout asking the permission of the author of lush and gaudy, since we all can benefit now in a better way of both his mod and enb and i did it " on the fly "
if i did something wrong please write me a PM


- Install Lush and Gaudy -

- Install this on the top of Lush and Gaudy -

( Bain ready, drag in installer and install, or copy in your data folder manually )