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This mod is made for my own preferences and i sharing it with you.

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This mod called patch, because i think its the way how the game should have been designed however some may not agree with me.

When i played oblivion and wanted to see lategame i cheated up for high levels. I know its not a good thing, but wanted to see how it looks like. It seemed cool, charachters were strong got a lot of good stuffs. I liked it very much until i met with one of my friend: Goblin warlord... Realized that the game is pretty broken lategame cause some creatures have so much hp you dont want to kill them cause you need minuts to kill one simple mob.


So i made a mod for myself: All the leveled creatures now static and has fix hp.
Creatures which were changed: Ogre, minotaur lord, goblin shaman, goblin warlord, xivilai, nether lich, lich, gloom wraith.
They all still the strongest enemies however they have static hp.
For example: Goblin warlord had: 30*player level Hp (on level 30 its 900hp). Now it has static 350 hp.

Other change i made: All base game summoning creature spells last 1 minutes long.