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Seraphim Attire
Author: Myrystyr
Original Author: Hentai
Date: 19/05/2017
Categories: Armour, Clothing
Body: HGEC
Requirements: HGEC or ZKEC body or similar, Corronera's Maximum Compatibility Skeleton or similar
Seraphim Attire is my fourth building block mod. It contains the meshes and textures folders from the original Seraphim Armor mod by Hentai, the accompanying original ReadMe for reference purposes, and three esps:
SeraphimArmourBase - Contains copies of the original armours, with new Editor IDs starting with aa, and nothing else. Intended as a modders resource.
SeraphimArmourCloth - The value of the armours is reduced to 1260, clothing versions are made with value 260 and weight 5, and two respawning vendor chests (one for armour and one for clothing) are made. Also a modders resource.
SeraphimAttireICVendors - The armour chest is added to Maro Rufus at The Best Defence, and the clothing chest to Palonirya at Divine Elegance, in the Imperial City Market District. Playable immediately.
1 - Extract to a temporary location
2 - Copy the meshes and textures to your Oblivion\Data folder
3 - Copy the esp of your choice and use as desired
4 - Tick SeraphimAttireICVendors in Oblivion Launcher to use in game
1 - Untick whichever esp you are using
2 - Delete the esp, and the following files and folders:
Hentai under Meshes\Armors
Hentai under Textures\Armors
A and gnd under Textures\Armors
OK under Textures\Menus\Icons
Special thanks to the orginal creator Hentai
Hentai's original Copyright notice applies: Feel free to use/convert this file whatever you want to.
This mod is otherwise free to use, distribute, and adapt without permission. The only additional conditions I make are:
* Please do not distribute any part of this mod for commercial purposes.
* Please give courtesy notification of any use of this mod in another project.
* Please give credit to myself, Hentai, and the others mentioned in the original ReadMe as appropriate.
You can find me here on Nexusmods as Myrystyr or comment on my livejournal - http://myrystyr.livejournal.com/ - on any entry I have made with the tes4 tag.
None known. At worst, the vendor containers might overlap with others placed in the same locations by other mods you might be using. While this mod can be run alongside the original version, there is no need for the same armour to be available at different prices. Part of the reason this mod was created is the the original version modifies vendor chests that could interfere with other mods, and unintentionally made the armours available from vendors other than Maro Rufus.
This mod, like Recovered Legacy and others, is a basic building block for future work. In the meantime I'm curious to see what use others put this mod to. Enchanting  or dynamically adding seraphim clothing come to mind.

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