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Shadows Rest Slough (rhymes with Cow)
Sits at the east end of the pond below Shadows Rest Cave. Nutrients pouring in from the spring above the slough have enriched the pond below and caused many mosses and lichens to grow and cover the trees and roots. Most of the trees are rotting as the lichen takes control and starves them of the nourishment they would need to grow. Unique plants are also growing around  on the slough as are ferns and funghi. There is a perpetual green tinted mist drifting over the water and Marsh Gas can be seen escaping in bursts.
The Imperial Forestry Commission have reinforced the bank to prevent the Slough from spilling through the mud and contaminating the nearby forest but it might be too late...


Despite the Natural beauty of the pond, I found that it was one of the few locations not altered by any Unique Landscape Mods. The slough was inspired by watching a youtube video about The Roh Rainforest in Washington state, USA. The forest is beautiful and covered in various mosses and lichens.
I found the pond as being the perfect place for the slough. There are probably other good locations but as this sits next to a main path through The Chorrel Hinterland it can be easily found.


I have created several new textures, Many with similar tones to give the overriding impression that nature has slightly lost the battle with invasive species such as mosses and lichens. The result is something a bit more marshy and inventive than the Blackmarsh area. It is not on a massive scale as I did not want to overkill the idea. I have created a new path from just below Moranda which runs along the top of the slough.

The Slough is especially atmospheric at night as Marsh gas can be see venting along with the constant green tinted mist that drifts around the area.

extract the archive to a place of your choice and drag the data folder into your Oblivion Root directory.

Load order.

Preferably after any UL mods although I have not found any mod clashes.


Elbethian. I used her multi poppy nif.
III I used the multiroot nif from the TWMP valenwood Archive by Onra.