The Screaming Barrel by BILLY500436
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Added: 14/04/2017 - 02:22AM
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The Screaming Barrel Features:
 - A new Barrel that gives some sexy screams upon opening and closing.
 - A bit of gold, lockpicks, repair hammers, and black soulstones.
 - Includes Azura's Star and a usable Emperor's robe as well.
 - Loosens up the price of repair hammers and lockpicks to be dirt cheap, though this does not make them cheaper unless sold within a barter menu.

Installation (Manual):
 1. Download TSBV1.0.rar.
 2. Extract it into your Oblivion installation directory's Data folder (Oblivion\Data\).
 3. Use your mod manager (or default launcher) and check (enable) the "ScreamingBarrel.esp".
 4. Start the game.

Installation (NMM):
 1. Hit the install with NMM button.
 2. Check to make sure it installed into the correct directory.
 3. Start the game.

 If you feel the need to have something more into the barrel, I can add more if the request may see fit.