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About this mod:

My fellow swede Emma is one of the best TES modders out there, her Children of Cyrodiil mod really brought life into Oblivion. I also wanted the possibility to have your own kids in the game, so I spent almost the whole week to create this addon for her mod.

Anyway, this mod adds adoptable children of all races and genders to the major cities in Cyrodiil. This mod includes adoption dialogue which is voice acted by myself, the girls at least. But you can also interact with them in the same manner as the regular kids. The orphaned children should be a bit easy to tell apart from the regular children, since they're initially named "Homeless <race> Child". Their real names are then revealed once you agree to adopt them.
Upon agreeing to adopt your first child, you will be granted three lesser powers. The first one will yield a menu with options to place a specific x-marker at your home, for your child's daily schedules to take place. This is to make this mod as compatible with mod-added homes as possible. Make sure all markers are placed before you choose the "This is your new home" dialogue option.
The other two spells will summon a named pony each which are owned by the Parenthood faction, including adopted children and the player.
From 12 pm to 3 pm you will get a dialogue option to give your child a random food item.
You can also make your kids tag along on your adventures. If you summon one of the ponies and mount your own horse while a kid is following you, they will get on the pony.
There is no limit for how many children you can adopt. However, in the vanilla player-owned homes I've only placed up to two scripted bedrolls from the orignal child mod. I'd suggest that you look up mods which allows you to buy portable bedrolls.
This mod also depends on LegoManIAm94's Oblivion Marriage mod. Why? Because it makes more sense, and I've made it so that your child(ren) can interact a bit more immersively with your spouse.

-The orphaned boys have no voice files for the adoption dialogue yet, and I am accepting volunteers who are able to/ know someone who is capable of pulling off a young boy's voice.
-I was meaning to make the summonable pony spells purchaseable from stable owners, but I was kinda facing some issues. So for now you just get them when you adopt your first kid, even though it might seen a bit overpowered or unrealistic.
-Sometimes when a kid enters following mode, it might take a little moment for their AI package to kick in.

Extract the "Orphans of Cyrodiil.esp/bsa" files to your Data folder.

You'll find these kids in the following cities
Anvil - Redguard girl, Orc boy
Skingrad - Orc girl, Breton boy
Chorrol - Highelf boy, Khajiit girl
Bruma - Nord boy, Khajiit boy
Cheydinhal - Darkelf girl, Nord girl
Bravil - Argonian girl, Woodelf boy, Darkelf boy
Leyawiin - Argonian boy, Redguard boy
Imperial City (Market, Elven Gardens, Talos Plaza and Temple District) -
Imperial boy, Highelf girl, Woodelf girl, Breton girl, Imperial girl