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Witcher Ciri Ported Outfit

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This is an old port that's been sitting on my hard drive for some time...
Before I become a compulsive mod hoarder I've reached the conclusion I have to start releasing stuff.

Decided to release it properly since it might be fun

Body type is HGEC, C Cup, M Lowerbody. Sorry if you wanted bigger bewbs, I made this for my char, and she doesnt have those in larger size... I recommend learning Blender yourself or using gerra6's conversion tool if you must. But It's unlikely that I will make tons of conversions for this.


Drag, drop files to you Data folder... preferably with a mod installer such as OBMM, or Wrye Bash
Activate esp plugin with your weapon of choice

Continuing the tradition of Witcher ports for Oblivion, started by Chakaru 11, this is also in a small jewelry box inside the Divine Elegance shop at the Imperial City.

  • OMG my game crashes on startup! - Missing masterfile, make sure you downloaded the requirements, such as VipCxJ HH plugin
  • OMG my boobs stretch to infinity! - Read the goddamn requirement list and install a BBB enabled skeleton
  • High Heels system doesnt work! - Not my problem. This is just a dependency, if the HH plugin doesnt work its a problem on your end, with that mod, perhaps wrong installation or an incompatible dll or whatever...
  • Any others I'm unaware of their existence. This is a simple mod so it should be pretty stable and compatible.

  • The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved. http://www.cdprojekt.com "Modders are allowed to use assets as armours and models from TW3 the same way they were with TW3, as long as modders don't charge money in any form and don't make offensive content."
  • Port entirely made by yours truly.

Rights belong to CD Project Red, not me, which means it is they who give you permission to go nuts according to the conditions expressed above.


There is also my Twitter where I post most of my stuff
And I'm now launching my brand new modding Discord. Feel free to join.