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Increases base damage and levelled damage for most non-magical traps. Also increases the damage of Hunger statues and high-level Oblivion turrets. Requires Shivering Isles.

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BETTER TRAPS – A mod by zymurgy65

While I agree that traps in the game should be more of a threat, some mods increase their damage to such an extent that a Level 25 character on full Health will be killed by a single hit, which can be more than a little frustrating.  This is my own attempt to address the issue.

Base damage has been at least doubled for most traps that cause non-magical damage.  Levelled damage has also been increased.  Hunger statues with Damage Health effects now cause twice as much damage.  High-level Oblivion turrets no longer use area effect spells, as these reduced their damage output.

Oblivion v.1.2.0416 and Shivering Isles.  Where appropriate, scripts incorporate the UOP's changes (as of v.3.5.5).

Although I have tried for the most part to avoid instant kills, the rising/falling-floor-and-spike traps in Ayleid ruins are LETHAL – you have been warned!

And finally...
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