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Adds a room where you can display unique/quest items you get in Oblivion, it also have brand new mannequins!

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This mod requires OBSE and Shivering Isles


Tired of having to drop in a dirty and forgotten chest your super unique sword that took you 3 hours to get? Well, me too!

So out of the necessity to "have" to show my unique stuff, this mod was conceived, it allows the display of unique weapons/armor/misc. items in custom made activators, so they cannot move and are displayed there forever! (you can have them back)

Almost all the unique items from Oblivion and Shivering Isles where added, so this are:

-All city guards shield
-All daedric artifacts
-All Mythic Dawn books
And much more!!!..

Now, some of this items are quest items and some you lose, and since there are leveled items too, I choose to add the highest level of this one, but don’t worry if you don't have the correct item, there is a chest called "Chest of unlimited power" where you can find what you need, now is up to you if you decide to exploit this...

The mannequins added in this mod are all 100% vanilla, meaning they will use whatever body mesh you are using, they can also change sex with the activators seen on the images, and can pretty much wear anything (shields are displayed if the mannequin also has a weapon), all this was possible thanks to glowplug, go and give him a kudos!
There is also some safe storage added, so you can still put some things in dirty old chests!

To go to the Gallery a new item is added called +Travel to Gallery, it is in the potions menu, you can configurate the behavior of this item in the activator called "Travel Options" that is in the cellar, you can see it in the images.

This mod requires OBSE and Shivering Isles


A: The buttons dont work!
Q: You have to use VSync or something that limits the frames to a maximum of 60fps, otherwise odd things are bound to happen

Q: I niiid mor manikiiiins!!!
A: Yes I know! That’s why I added a cellar right in the entry called “Gallery” where you can display all those armor you like :D

Q: Some items shake in their position, what do I do!!??
A: I know! just re-enter the cell and it is done

Q: Are the manikins compatible with my own custom body mesh that I made and have never ever released but for some reason I should now about it
A: YES! Mannequins use vanilla directory for body meshes

Q: There are some items missing, I want them all!!! Now!
A: That’s not a question, but I can say I won’t add any more items, what you see is what you get.

Q: I’m using OR Camera and I can’t for the love of gods click on an activator
A: Disable OR Camera while putting the items!

Q: I think this looks terrible the lighting/cellar/whateversupertinythingigotpissedaboutit is awful I hate you!



Glowplug for making an awesome mannequin and help with scripting
Myst42/ElAlquimista for testing and great feedback
Enter_77 for letting me use some of his scripts from his mod Daedric Museum
thank you all!