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Added: 04/06/2006 - 07:24AM
Updated: 06/04/2017 - 09:00PM

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Last updated at 21:00, 6 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 7:24, 4 Jun 2006

This is version 1.12 of my UI mod. Check out the screenshots for an better idea of what has been changed.

New in version 1.12:
* Quick fix to the action icon not dissapearing when talking. I should perhaps test things out first before I release the next time

New in version 1.11:
* Includes the standard HUD Info menu as well as the centered version.
* Will let you enable/diable the crosshair when sneaking.
* Fixes some bugs + some minor new settings in mj_ui_config.xml

From the readme file:

Some of the main features over normal Oblivion are:
* More detailed Attribute and Skills status screens. Shows Base, Mod and Total values.
* Inventory window is larger and shows more items per page with less wasted space. Smaller font. Easier to see count number of each item.
* Magic window is larger and shows more items per page.
* Large world and local map views.
* Larger quest view window and smaller text.
* Containers and shop windows are larger and show more items.
* Repair/Ingredient/Spell buy windows show more items per page.
* HUD using smaller fonts and text shadows. Magic effect icons show only numbers, no bars.
* HUD Info centered under the crosshair instead of in the lower right corner.