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Added: 14/03/2017 - 12:50PM
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Last updated at 18:35, 1 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 12:50, 14 Mar 2017

First of all this is my first ever uploaded mod, so if I missed anything, don't hate, just let me know and I'll fix it! It shouldn't be necessary to say I guess, but there's always that one guy.

Also, screenshots are encouraged.

- fixed fps issues with certain armors

- new armors added:

    - Daedric Armor
    - Dwemer Armor + Bonus
    - Glass Armor
    - Heavy Blades Armor

    - Iron Armor
    - Light Arena Raiment (two versions)
    - Orcish Armor
+ Bonus

- fixed the issue with the rope texture on the Light Blades Armor


- new armors added:

    - Light Blades Armor + Bonus

    - Mythic Dawn Armor


These are my DMZ versions of the vanilla armors. This is no replacer, as all armors cover the whole body at once. Currently included:
  • Amber
  • Blades Light & Heavy + Bonus
  • Daedric
  • Dark Seducer (two versions)
  • Dwemer + Bonus
  • Glass
  • Golden Saint
  • Iron (subject to change, probably)
  • Light Arena Raiment (two versions)
  • Madness
  • Mythic Dawn Armor
  • Orcish + Bonus

I will add more as I get inspired.

Where to find
The standard armors can be bought at "The Best Defense" in the Market District.
You can buy the Mania armors at The Missing Pauldron in Bliss and the Dementia armors at Cutter's Weapons in Crucible respectively. Both versions of the Dark Seducer armor are sold separately.
The Arena Raiments can be found in a chest in the "Arena Bloodworks".
The Blades related armors can be found in the Cloud Ruler Temple in a chest in the Temple Armory.
You can find the Mythic Dawn Armor in Lake Arrius Caverns in a chest in the left rear corner in the first big room.

You can also find all of them in a chest in the testinghall (open console, type "coc testinghall")

All SI armors are leveled items, just like the vanilla ones.

Bonus Items
The Blades related bonus is in a box on the drawer in Martin's room in the Cloud Ruler Temple West Wing.
The Dwemer Bonus can be bought from Jensine at "Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise" or you could just steal it from the box on the counter.
The Orcish Bonus is only available in the Testinghall for now.

Universal Skeleton or a similar one
HGEC compatible textures
Shivering Isles DLC


Just paste everything into your data folder and activate the .esp

You shouldn't have to overwrite anything, so if your OS asks, check your files before you do anything

If you want to use the Dark Seducer or Golden Saint armor as a replacer, go to meshes\vortex\DMZArmors, copy the armor you want to meshes\armor\darkseducer\f\ or meshes\armor\goldensaint\f\ and rename it to "armor.nif"


Delete the folder DMZArmors in meshes\vortex\ and textures\vortex\ each and remove the VortexDMZArmors.esp


Bethesda - the ones, who tend to drive me crazy with their laziness, but also created this awesome game
Ziitch/Darigaz17 - for the DMZ body
Blender - the best 3D computer graphics software there is, in my humble opinion
My brother - for being a walking blender encyclopedia