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Last updated at 18:04, 15 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 21:33, 12 Mar 2017


This mod introduces a new Arch-mage robe mesh for the DMZ Body, aaaand that's it...best description ever!!

Oh...you can find it in a small chest at the Mystic Emporium, check screenshots, also...chest will be fairly difficult to open (in a unusual way) and the contents will be considered stolen items unless you belong to the Mages Guild.

Oh!! Almost forgot!...The hat takes the amulet slot, so it doesn't "eat" your character's current hair & ears, however it might also not fit your character's hair (ie: hair clips trough it), if this happens you can easily adjust the hat's position & size with Nifskope & following the instructions bellow:

- Open the Archmagus Hat.nif with Nifskope
- Right-Click on the Hat (in the render window) > Transform > Edit
- Play with the  X, Y , Z & Scale values until you are happy, then hit "ok"/"accept"
- Right-Click on the hat again > Transform > Apply > Try Anyway (when asked)
- Save

That's it.


HGEC compatible textures

Universal Skeleton or similar, if you see stretching boobs into infinity and beyond, you are missing this.

Shivering Isles DLC


Short Version: Extract files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\ and then tick the DMZ Archmagus.esp.

Long/Newbie Version: Download the file, extract to location of your choice, select the meshes/textures (plus textures inside the optional folder if you want them) and DMZ Archmagus.esp, then copy/cut and paste them inside your Data folder, overwrite when asked, then...start your game and in the Data Files in The OblivionLauncher find the DMZ Archmagus.esp and check the tiny white box next to it.

OBMM Version: Nope, do it manually...I swear, these kids nowadays and their need for a third party app for everything...

NMM Version: Let's put it this way, NMM + Oblivion = Sad Pandas, you don't wan' to see a sad panda, do you?


Simply remove the files you downloaded from here, or...be lazy awesome and just untick the esp.


Apart from the fact that this will probably blow up your computer...just a few clipping issues, probably a few missing textures and wrong texture paths, typical Dari's folder mess...complain at will.


Anything that changes the Mystic Emporium.

 - Hentai/Zotman12, Kurese, Myst42, Spinat and Ploms for the meshes
 - Exnem and Raiar for the HGEC Body.
 - YODAMARU and ziitch for the awesome ZKEC body.
 - BaronB for the body that was then fused with ZKEC and became DMZ.
 - The modding community, for the obvious reasons.
 - Bethesda, the lazy bastards who made this amazing game and all the original models and textures.

Links/Places You can check more stuff for this body (and other awesome stuff)
If it's not a direct link, it's because it ain't allowed...because rules.

Tumblr: Where No One Goes / darigaz17.tumblr  / check the downloads section.

Deviant art:

   - Search for Darigaz89

   - Search for DrunkenCraftersInn group