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Corrects several statistical inconsistencies, improves equipment, and ensures Dark Guardians no longer carry useless shields. Also makes a number of changes to ghosts, wraiths, and zombies.

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SKELETON FIX v.1.3 – A mod by zymurgy65

This mini-mod corrects several statistical inconsistencies (Skeleton Champions, for example, had lower Endurance and Fatigue levels than Skeleton Heroes).  It also improves the quality of Champions' claymores – they were previously 50% likely to be silver, compared to only 25% of Heroes' battle axes.  Skeleton Guardians now have a 20% chance of carrying Dwemer maces or shields, and the undead Akaviri soldiers in the fort at Pale Pass wear helmets (for visual effect only).  Dark Guardians with one-handed weapons will always have shields, which will never be carried by those with two-handed weapons.

New to v.1.3 – Ghosts, Wraiths & Zombies!
This mod silences all Headless Zombies (no head = no groaning is a no-brainer).  The Deranged Zombies in Bleak Flats Cave will now drop mort flesh rather than bonemeal, and may also carry micro-treasure.  Summoned Ghosts (including Ancestor Guardians) no longer have inferior resistances or attacks.  Wraiths with swords now have the same likelihood of carrying poisons as Faded Wraiths, while Gable the Traitor will drop ectoplasm like every other Wraith in the game.

If you don't wish to take advantage of these changes, use the alternative .esp file in the “Skeletons Only” folder.

Shivering Isles and the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.

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