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Originally by Antiscamp, then taken over by Highlord90, now, altered and tweaked by Fienyx.

I never liked Glenroy. In the original start, he's threatens to kill you in the cell, then later, after the cave, he just assumes you're working with the MD and wants to kill you..... Now here, he's your adopted father, caring and loving.... seemingly. If he cares, why do you wear rags and shackles? Some urchin he picked up off the street... ever notice there's only 1 bed in the house? lol

In my version, you were adopted by Renote Renault. (yes, Cpt Renault's first name is Renote, it's in the CS). She was kind enough to give you clothing, armor and weapons. It also doesn't seem so creepy sharing the bed if you play a female character. (of course if you play a male, you may want to name him Norman....)

Also included, a non-start version. As I don't use it, if there's anything odd, please let me know.