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AmpolX Textures

Very nicely done textures by AmpolX
( @ AmpolX - Should you wish, you have editing access to this file )


The sub-packages contained in the main file archive are a compilation of various retexture releases made by AmpolX. Currently AmpolX is away and uninvolved with the modding scene and gave permission for his texture packs to be re-uploaded.
Each subpackage was a separate release. Each sup-pacakge includes the material as it was presented in the original downloads. The exception being the docs and screen shots are included in the sub-packages so will install with Wrye Bash BAIN if you do not Skip docs and screenshots.

Some of these retextures were only available for a very short time and and often in threads on the BGS forums.

An Optional file contains Amnes reworked Normal Maps, overwrite the installed main files with these if you prefer
( See also comparison screenshot on the images tab ).

And a seperate Miscellaneous download contains various zips with textures that AmpolX advised people not to use.
( Due to being unoptimized textures which may reduce FPS or just too heavy taking up VRAM ).

All 3 files have their documentation included in the files still as written by Psymon, who at the time of writing was the most knowledgeable community member on the subject of these textures.

Landscape / Caves / Books / God statues / Wood / Bones / Grasses / Blackwood / Cheydinhall / Roads and cobblestones / Gold coast / Jerral mountains / Colovian highlands .. And a few more


The main package was made primarily for the use of Wrye Bash BAIN installation.

Manual Installation : Unzip the main file
And copy the Textures \ folder from each sub-package desired
Overwriting Oblivion \ Data \ Textures \

With Wrye Bash : The Main File is a BAIN for Wrye Bash, drop it into Bash Installers folder,
Just choose Sub-Packages required then right click and install


Previously Psymon was hosting them on TESAlliance ..
However the download at TESA has been corrupted
And no sign of anyone maintaining the files for a long time

Therefore I am re-uploading them here for safe keeping
It would be a shame to lose all the work that went into them

All Credit to

( That link to AmpolX post is also where permission was given to reupload these files )

If you wish to endorse as a recommend to other users that is fine
but I do not deserve any credit / donations for the work done here
Any public comments along those lines just give a shout out to AmpolX

Note I do not have Oblivion myself anymore, so cannot be very supportive ..

.. So please do add your own comparison Screenshots

@ Psymon if you call in here :
Feel free to grab and re-up on TESA if needs be. I luckily had these on my old USB HD when I found out the TESA files were corrupt