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Adds Skyrim-style necklaces for portable divine blessings

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Welcome to the twenty fourth installment of my Oblivion Immersion Series.  Another project inspired by Skyrim, this mod incorporates devotional amulets into Oblivion, making use of appropriate blessings.  Religious jewelry is a very ancient practice, dating back to the ancient Egyptians and beyond, so why not have it here?  A few changes have been made to improve on the Skyrim model however:

- Amulets can be acquired through the leveled lists for jewelry, but are guaranteed to be sold at any of the major temples, which will sell amulets of its target god and a small randomized collection for other gods.  For best results, purchase from the temple assiciated with that particular god (i.e. go to Dibella's temple for an amulet of Dibella). 

- Amulets of Akatosh and Kynareth are available as well, but will be randomized as described above, given that the Temple of Kynareth is unavailable in the base game and the Temple of Akatosh is a pile of scorched rubble. 

- One of the problems with Skyrim's amulets was that the blessings became outclassed at later levels.  To counter this problem, blessings are tiered with 5 power levels available (minor, lesser, common, exalted, supreme).

- Blessings on the amulets will differ from the Wayshrine blessings, more closely following the Skyrim model:
  • akatosh: fortify endurance
  • arkay: fortify health
  • dibella: fortify personality
  • julianos: fortify magicka
  • kynareth: fortify agility
  • mara: fortify restoration
  • stendarr: fortify block
  • talos: fortify strength
  • zenithar: fortify mercantile

In case the mod's default blessings model isn't to your taste, an alternative plugin is available, which makes the amulet's blessings match those of the vanilla Wayshrines, for a more cohesive experience.  While I did have a KotN patch initially planned, I have been unable to produce a working version thus far (just ask in the comments if you want the lurid details).  Unfortunately, no KotN patch will be available until such time as I can correct this issue. 


Oblivion Version 1.2.0416

Installation Instructions

Copy contents into your Oblivion data folder.  To install the Vanilla Blessings plugin, install the original mod, then overwrite the esp with the new one. 

Uninstallation Instructions

Delete the esp, meshes, and textures


Will be incompatible with any mods that alter the leveled lists for jewelry or make alterations to the personnel at the temples to the Divines.  This will include most, if not all, overhaul mods like Losing My Religion.  The main and Vanilla Blessings plugins are mutually incompatible, so use only one. 

Known Issues

None at the moment


Feel free to come to me with questions or issues and I will help as best as I can.  That said, please bear in mind that I am a novice modder and may not be able to offer much in the way of assistance.

Thanks to:

Bethesda Softworks
TES Nexus
LHammonds - Readme Generator
The makers of these wonderful resources
The Imperial Library

Meshes and textures from:

Trollf - Artifacts v1.0


I am making this mod open to revision by the public.  If you have any ideas of how to expand or improve upon this mod, then go ahead.  No permission needed.  All I ask is that you give me proper credit.  This mod and its contents may not be commercialized for any reason.