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What is this and what does it do?

Do you enjoy playing with the character creator, changing your name, becoming a male, becoming a female and than becoming a male again?  Do you like switching from Dark Elf and than Dremora?  Or do you feel like being a Redguard? Ok bad example, no one wants to be a Redguard.  But maybe you want to be an Orc?

So what to do on those occasions?  Well if you are like me you just use the console command 'showracemenu'.  Super simple!  But did you know that all your stats get reset to 0 and your stats also go down a level?  Nope neither did I.  

But don't fear, now you have a mod to fix that. 

How do I use this?

It's super easy!

Once you install the mod you an item in the misc tab called 'ShowRaceMenu'

If you click on the item directly you will get a warning message that says 'Drop to Use'

Drop the item holding Shift + Click.

A vase will drop to the ground.

Once on the ground activate the item by pressing the default 'Spacebar' key. Hopefully you rebound it to something like the 'E' key though.

Once you do that the race menu will appear and you can customize your character.

To pick up the item enter sneak mode and activate the item again.  It will go back into your inventory.

If you use the console command 'showracemenu' and do not use this mod your skills would go to 0 and delevel as in the example below.

Before showacemenu console command

After showracemenu console command

I don't like dropping an item, it's not intuitive!

I understand and you can use another mod which probably does something similar.  As this mod has no assets you can use TesEdit and change the nif to be something completely different.  I would probably make sure it is an object that has collision.

This mod did not make my character more attractive!

That is also correct.  This mod contains no assets.  I would suggest either going with the Beautiful People set of mods or the Seamless Oblivion Character Overhaull route.  Either is a good choice.


This mod avoids stats reset of the console command "ShowRaceMenu".

Simpe Usage
Drop the urn (automatically added). Activate it.
When you wanna pick up the urn, activate it with sneaking.

Oblivion Script Extender(OBSE)