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4-way Directional Dodge Mechanic - Dodge(回避)をワンタッチでできるようにしてみた。

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Basic Introduction

This is another translated release from akkaFUKU.  Please remember to endorse the mod if you like it.  This release brings one touch and double tap dodge mechanics to Oblivion.

How this mod works

This mod adds an item into your inventory under misc items called One-Touch Dodge.  Here you can set the configuration options for use.  Once set you can use a hotkey combination or double tap the WASD keys for directional dodge.

Options you can set

1 - Dodge Key Registration - You can set the key you want for one touch dodge.  To use you press the hotkey + direction key (WASD)

2 - Double Tap Time - Set the double tap time on the WASD keys.  This will allow you to skp the one touch key and just double press the movement key quickly twice.  I recommend 0.25 seconds as the response time.

3 - Required Acrobatics Skill - Skill level that you can use the dodge ability.  Set to your preference.

4 - Allow Dodge while Jumping - This allows you do jump and dodge roll while in the air.


This mod is 1 esp and no additional files.  I hope you can figure this part out.


My current game has 295 plugins with a bashed patch deactivating many of them.  This has not caused an issue with anything I run and that is a lot plugins.  I would say there is no reason to put this before a bashed patch and it should be placed after the patch.

Requirements for EN/JP version

OBSE v0020 or higher