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A set of crescent moon shaped amulets and matching staffs.

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In all the screenshots I have seen of the mod in other people's games, the moon glowed like a freaking christmas tree and that is NOT what is supposed to happen XD Tes4Files simply ignored the glowmaps when packaging the mod. I am so sorry! The glow is supposed to be subtle and only the gemstones have a tiny glow, not the silver part of the moon!

So PLEASE download the glowmaps from the file section and put them into your data folder!

I am so sorry!!!


The Moon  - amulets and staffs by chakaru11

What is this?
Originally a set of crescent moon shaped amulets, but a spur of the moment idea lead to a matching set of staffs. Both the amulets and staffs come with 25 (! xD) different gemstone textures. This means there are many colours in this set, but most of them are blueish, since the main theme was the moon :) I hope you find a texture/colour to your linking. I also added subtle glowmaps. They are so very subtle that you won't really see them on the darker gemstones. I didn't want to go all glowy sparkly lore breaky - apocalypse like I usually do, so I toned it down. Serious mod is serious xD

When I started this little project, I had originally planned to create ordinary, round amulets based on the vanilla version - if you visit my screeshot page you will still find WIP shots from that stage. But after a lot of trial and error I decided to go a different route. The crescent moon mesh was originally created for my character Belphe (who also models in the download screenshots XD), sine the crescent moon motif has always been part of her outfits and weapons. But after a while of browsing the net for nice textures, I had amassed so many gemstone textures I decided to create a set. AND HERE WE ARE. YAY.
The decision to mount the crescent moon and the little star on a staff was spontaneous. The staff is a basic shape with a few silver rings on it so that it doesn't look completely noobish. Be in awe of my meshing powers!!

Since the crescent moon mesh is a bit more high poly than what I usually do, I kept the star as low poly as possible and used Triss' necklace from the Witcher3. I made an aceptable retexture so that it looks nice, since the original Witcher3 texture was a brown 512x512 pixel blob. Shame on you, CD PRoject!

And yes I am aware that creating a logo for this thing and throwing it on all the screenshots is stupid but it was FUN leave me alone XD)

Uuuh... oversharing much? Where is the stuff ingame? Chop chop!
You can find the 25 amulets and staffs in a custom chest in the Red Diamond Jewelery store in the IC market district. You will recognize the chest when you see it. It is player owned so no worries.

Neither the amulets nor the staffs are enchanted! They are blank staffs that you can not really do anything with, unless you go to an enchanting table/podium whatever  and do the thing.

Thanks to
All of you guys for encouraging me to keep modding :D It means a lot. Also a lot of hugs to Room 207, Mahtawa, Myst42, Darigaz17, Sinner and Quemon  - modding whatsapp groups are the best !!!


-CD PROJECT for the necklace and the chest mesh!!

The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved. http://www.cdprojekt.com
"Modders are allowed to use assets as armours and models from TW3 the same way they were with TW3, as long as modders don't charge money in any form and don't make offensive content."

The rest is mine. If you want to use it, go a head! If you want you can drop me a line, I'd love to see where the stuff goes! And credit would be nice XD

Have funnnnn