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I had long wanted to put together a collection of races that was lore-friendly (Or at worst lore-believe-able) bringing together the quality races crafted by the community into a collection that made them feel like they could have always been part of Tamriel, after much work, this is that collection!
As with many other aspects of Oblivion Race mods and other cosmetic mods were things I often skipped over because I simply could not afford them the space needed on my load order, compilations like MBP didn't quite suit me as while they included very well crafted races, they seemed too far removed from the rest of the NPCs of the world, personally I always want the characters in my little tales to feel like tiny parts of a larger world, and so FOMO R&C was put together.

FOMO Races And Cosmetics is, as the full title suggests, is a rather comprehensive collection of lore-friendly / lore-believable race mods and a near all inclusive collection of hairs as well as a fairly large collection of eyes created over many years by many talented modders of the Oblivion modding community and beyond!

The mod has five main goals:
- To bring a host of previously difficult to obtain content together and apply it across all included races
- To add various new races as needed for various FOMO project mods
- To massively reduce the esp requirement of having so many race / hair and eye mods
- To allow for more interplay between races and have custom races be more recognised by NPCs
- And finally to act as another resource pack of sorts for future FOMO projects, much like how FOMO Main fuels other FOMO Mods, FOMO R&C will greatly add more depth to larger FOMO projects!

Furthermore some races also have updates and fixes as well as small tweaks to make them more lore-friendly. For example the Terimer are cast as an Elven people hailing from High Rock that live less sedentary lives travelling the woodlands and from place to place. Their weariness of other races caused them to diverge from their Breton cousins. Much like the Argonians and Khajiit lore-wise the Bretons are very diverse to begin with, some appearing far more elven and other far more human, closer to the Western Reach many Bretons are even as large and physically imposing as Nords, as such a race of pale freckled elves being among the inhabitants of High Rock is very much lore-believable.

Below is not the full list of what is included, for a COMPLETE list you will simply have to see for yourself. 
(If you must know more before downloading the credits section will give you more of an idea of what to expect in FOMO R & C)

Races :
Abriael Human Races Revamped
CD Half Orcs
Lattamer V3
DK High Imperials
Cute Elves
Mystic Elf
Kawa Khajiit
Terimer Race
Ancient Elven Sorcerer
Ancient Elven Sorceress
Raven Elves
Dark Raven Elves
Hidden Elves
n' Dywyl 
 And More!

Hairs  :
- Babe Hair
- Male Hair Mod
- Braided Redguard Hair
- Coolsims Hair Pack
- Cazy Hair Pack
- Kijiko Hair Pack
- Lapiz Hair Pack
- Newsea Hair Pack
- Skyhair
- Skysims Hair Pack
- Ren's Beauty Pack (Also contains Races)
- RE4 Leons Haircut
- ThrottleKittys Hair Pack 01
- Bald Hairstyle
- Cazy Hair Pack
- HISSSA Hairs (HS Hairs)
- 2CH Hairs
- KumaKumaKokuma Hairs
- VanillaBeans Hairs
- Fallen20 Hairs
- RAN46 Hairs
- Soya Hairs
- idkrrr Hairs (Corean & Saram & Sulhwa)
- Hepsy Hairs
- KKK Hairs
 And Much more!

Eyes  :
- Capucines Character Expansion (Also contains Hairs and Races)
- Flonne Eyes
- GeeChan's Eyes 
 As well as all the eyes included with all the aforementioned race mods!

As these race mods are all brought together they are able to share their own unique hairs and eyes as appropriate with all the other races, resulting in a truly massive collection!

It should end up being compatible with every race and cosmetics mod including the various versions of MBP, EGO and OCO (This was just recently confirmed!). Furthermore it also help remove incompatibilities between these major race mods, making everything possible except MBP + OCO which will I will work on fixing in the future.

FOMO Main v1.001 or higher

=  Download the main resources archive

Some of the modders that contributed to the compilation have asked that while their content can be included it must be downloaded from their sites, not much of an ask really considering the work they put in to make these lovely creations:

=  Download Max's hair packs:
The following links are to Maxim's site, where you can find the lovingly created mods of Maxim and DustinFlan. The download links are near the bottom of the post, just before the comments.
PLEASE NOTE: Maxim's site contains some adult content, only click through the link if you are a mature open-minded individual !
- Cazy Hair Pack
- Newsea Hair Pack
- Skysims Hair Pack
- Lapiz Hair Pack
Kijiko Hair Pack
- Skyhair Hair Pack

=  Download MissAniThrope's Kawa-Beasts
- Kawa-Beasts

=  Install the resources from each of the downloaded archives however you like, remove any esps that come with any of these downloads.

=  Download and install FOMO Races and Cosmetics.esp 

And you're done!


Just follow the link to the F.A.Q at The Assimilation Lab

As usual this mod contains assets and the loving works of many modders other than myself along side my own works, so I can not grant anyone permission to take parts of this mod for their own mods. However if you are interested in any assets you can simply use Fomo R & C as a master file for your own mod (In fact I would be thrilled if more people started using FOMO R & C for their mods ^^). You can also refer to the Credits section to see if you can track down the creators of specific content.


By the very nature of the project many FOMO mods are the products of work from many talented modders from across the Oblivion modding community, so my thanks go out to those who contributed ^^!

Naturally the full credits list is in the "PERMS" tab at the top of the page as the credits list would be too long to post here, however I really wanted to give a shout out to all the amazing modders of the Oblivion modding community that contributed in the main description as well.

This was actually the first mod I started going around gathering permission to put together as such those I first asked for permission to use their creations were my first experiences with the Oblivion modding community, so I want to give special thanks to Selene310187 and MissAniThrope for showing me how friendly and open this amazing modding community of ours really is ^^. If they had simply said "no bugger off >:( " I would have likely decided to simply mod for myself and never sought further permissions or attempted public releases. Since then I have continuously been shown time and time again just how great the community around Oblivion modding really is, despite the massive diversity of the individuals, their backgrounds, their ideologies, what they see Oblivion as, the community at large wants only to see the game grow for everyone. I know I have said it may times before, (and I will keep saying it at every opportunity I get) thanks to all the member of the community who continue to make Oblivion more of whatever you want it to be each day!

While I will naturally keep and eye out for posts and messages over here at the Nexus, the fastest way to get a hold of me is to post in the appropriate discussion thread over at The Assimilation Lab forum where my released and WIP projects are hosted.

The Lab has a very active, knowledgeable and helpful modding community. If you are working on any modding projects of your own and need a place to host it, a place to get advice, assistance of any manner and/or just feedback I couldn't think of a better place to recommend ^^.