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Symphonic Suite - A musical declaration of love to Colovia in Tamriel. Original Composition. Addition to the ingame Music.

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Colovia  -  Symphonic Suite

A musical declaration of love to the region Colovia in Tamriel :-) With its Great Forrest, both its colourful warmness and mystical dark, with its rugged Highlands and Imperial Reserve, the battle torn Kvatch County and the Battle of Kvatch, the lush Gold Coast with Anvil and the Abecean Sea and Skingrad with its dark secrets and the fruitful wineyards.

It is an original composition by me and was composed between 2011 and 2016.
Score done on Capella, played by Capella Vienna Orchestra VST and Era Medieval Legends VST.

N E W :

Thanks to the Suggestion from CarlosS4444 I changed that into a real mod that alters the game:

The download with manager files add the Music to your Music folder in Oblivion. There is a full Version that adds the whole Piece to the Music you will hear while exploring Cyrodiil.

And there will be parts of the suite that will be added to the other Music types (battle, dungeon ...).

The film with screens is to be found in the video section and optional you can download a wav-file too.

Pictures taken as screens from my Oblivion copy (at the highest possible settings for me at the time, sorry, could be better.. ;-).

Thanks to Bethesda for their TES IV Oblivion.

Special Thanks to Majamikol for the Blue Moon Cottage at the Gold Coast.

Permissions: Why don't you ask me? ;-)

Find the film and others with my music on my YouTube channel.
Find this and my other sheets on my imslp site.