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There are a couple of minor oddness issues when you use Reworked Posts by monkeyangie with some of the Villages by Arthmoor. Especially visible near Anvil and other major towns. So i made this quick fix.

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There are a couple of minor oddness issues when you use Reworked Posts by monkeyangie with Sutch Village by Arthmoor. Especially visible near Anvil. So i made this quick fix. 


Sutch Village (if you use only that)

Gottshaw Village (if you use only that)

Faregyl Village (if you use only that)

Reedstand Village (if you use only that)

All four of the above if you want to use the combined patch


Reworked Posts

Major Update 1 (10-24-18): Hopefully fixed the FormID errors in the Faregyl standalone and all villages combined versions. Please inform me of any further problems. 

Minor Update 1:

This is what i get for making haste: The Gottshaw and combined patches were not cleaned from the unnecessary master files. Apologies. Please download the new files.

Minor Update 2:

Finished the rest, which went quicker than i thought since only Faregyl and Reedstand needed patching. The other cities do not conflict at all. Combined is also updated containing patches for all four cities (Faregyl, Gottshaw, Reedstand, and Sutch) + Reworked Posts. For this you obviously need to have all four cities (at least) installed. I am just providing that as a convenience as the single cities .esps also are all bashable and don't interfere with each other. 

If you see anything i missed, or have a request, do not be shy, i'll try to accommodate you, if i can.


I am also using Better Open Cities, Unique Landscapes Lost Coast, Roads of Cyrodiil, and of course the corresponding patches provided by monkeyangie. So this MAY be a unique configuration for this patch. However looking through the CS and xEdit i think none of those actually touch the signposts.

I'm also using Illuminated Road Signs, weathered road signs, and improved road signs, so that is why the names on some seem brighter. It WILL work without any texture replacers though, so no worries. 

Use the combined to get the benefit of all signs showing up correctly. 

All files are WryeBashable. 


Monkeyangie for the Reworked Posts.
Arthmoor for the various Towns.

Original credits:

InsanitySorrow for his Mesh Improvement Project
Momo for his Momos Farm Resource
Inspired by Weathered Road Signs