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Improves especially the northern cities of cyrodiil
(Banners - Towers - Setting)

Permissions and credits
Enhanced Cyrodiil - Cities

Improves the Appereance of the common known original Oblivion Towns

Bruma - Towers and Banners
Cheydinhal - Towers
Anvil - Banners
Chorrol - Towers and Banners
Skingrad - Cathedral Banners

Screenshots are better than any written description!

Alternate TEXTURES made out of Original Ressources
You can optionally choose whatever one you like

- Cloud Ruler Temple -> Imperial Roof Texture (Lore: Imperial Architecture was inspired by Akaviri Invaders)

- Whiterun Style Bruma Architecture (Lore: Bruma is located near Skyrim)

- Daggerfall Style Chorrol Architecture (Lore: More Medieval Town)

- Colovian Fur Helmet (Yellow Peak) Style Skingrad Architecture (Lore: Skingrad is the Pearl of Colovia)

Bug Free and Cleaned with TES4 EDIT
Multilinguality possible

Of Course: Not Compatible with Mods that DRASTICALY Change the cities (Better Cities etc)

Enhanced Cyrodiil - Cities