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Defensive Staves v2.5b by Kearsage -- Features -- This mod adds 14 new staff models to Oblivion that can be used in the off-hand and function in the same fashion as a Shield. Also adds these same models to the randomised Magical Staves found throughout the game. -- Defensive Staves -- Each defensive staff is roughly equivilant to their resp

Permissions and credits
Defensive Staves v2.5b by Kearsage

-- Features --
This mod adds 14 new staff models to Oblivion that can be used in the off-hand and function in the same fashion as a Shield. Also adds these same models to the randomised Magical Staves found throughout the game.

-- Defensive Staves --
Each defensive staff is roughly equivilant to their respective shields in the game. For example, the Ebony Staff is roughly equal to an Ebony Shield.

Metal staves are generally heavy armour, wooden staves are generally light armour (with a couple of exceptions, for variety)

All staves sold by vendors are unenchanted, and may be enchanted in the same way as any other shield in the game.

In addition, there are Illumination versions of each staff for sale. I like to think of these as illumination upgrades, that allow each staff to light up the area when your weapons are sheathed. In game mechanics terms, they operate exactly like torches, and need to be equipped in the "misc" section of your inventory in order to work.

-- What this mod does --
There are four esp files included in the mod:

- Rindir's Staffs in the Market District sells all defensive staves
- The Mystic Emporium in the Market District sells all illumination staves

- All staves were assigned their own level list. Rindir's Staffs in the Market District sells all of the low and mid-level staves, getting more inventory in as you level up. A new NPC, Aksel the Battlemage, sells ALL staves from inside the Practice Room at the Arcane University and again, his inventory is based on the player's level.
- All illumination staves are sold at the Mystic Emporium, and are not restricted by the player's level.
- 5 very powerful artifact staves were placed around the world. One is a reward when you become Arch Mage (check a new chest in his quarters), some are wielded by new challenging NPCs, and some are relatively easy to get to you are lucky enough to come across them.

- An optional mod, compatible with either of the other two esps. This mod scatters leveled staves throughout chests in Cyrodiil.

- Replaces models for most of the mid and high level two-handed magical staves with new models. Does not alter any effects, nor drop rate of staves.

-- Installation --
1. Unzip all files/folders into your Oblivion/Data directory, if asked to overwrite, select "Yes to all"
2. Activate "Defensive_staves_Basic.esp" OR "Defensive_staves_Immersive.esp" mod in your data files. DO NOT ACTIVATE BOTH
3. Activate the optional file "Defensive_staves_Chest_Optional.esp"
4. Activate the optional file "New_Magical_Staves.esp"
5. Enjoy!

-- Upgrading --
This versions contains new textures and models for staves, and should be installed fully over any previous version to ensure correct installation.

-- Uninstallation --
Delete the following esp files:
- Defensive_staves_Basic
- Defensive_staves_Immersive
- Defensive_staves_Chest_Optional
- New_Magical_staves.esp
Delete the following folders:
- Oblivion/Data/Textures/Armor/DefensiveStaves
- Oblivion/Date/Textures/menus/icons/armor/defensivestaves
- Oblivion/Data/Meshes/Armor/DefensiveStaves
- Oblivion/Data/Meshes/Weapons/NewMagicStaves

-- Version History --
2.5d - Fixed Glass Staff mesh so the illumination staff will light up properly
2.5c - Altered some of the lights on the illumination staves to make them less harsh on the eyes. Fixed a bug where 2 of the special Artefact staves' particle effects were not showing properly. Lowered the drop chance on the Chest_Optional.esp from 15% chance of drop to 10%.
2.5b - Fixed a bug where the new glass staff model wasn't showing up for New Magic Staves. Removed some extra texture files.
2.5a - Removed Illumination Staves from Calindil's inventory, and created a new NPC in the Mystic Emporium to sell them.
2.5 - Replaced original Glass Staff with a new Glass Staff. Added New_Magical_Staves.esp. Added 14 new meshes for use with Magical Staves.
2.4 - Esp release only. Fixed bugs in Chest_Optional which was causing staves to drop far too frequently. Fixed several conflict issues.
2.3 - Fixed an issue that was causing the Ashenwood and Oaken Staff textures were not showing up correctly in the Inventory Menu
2.2 - Fixed a problem where Calindil wasn't consistantly selling the Illumination Staves at the Mystic Emporium
2.1 - Fixed a couple bugs: Fixed a pathing issue with the meshes not linking correctly to textures if the player did not install Oblivion to the default directory. Fixed the drop rate on the Chest_Optional so staves will drop much less frequently now.
2.0 - Removed the old meshes from v1.1, and added 14 new staff models and custom textures all made by yours truly. Added Basic and Immersive versions. Added optional Chest version.
1.1 - Added Heavy Armour staves, labelled "Heavy Defenders" as an alternate choice. Special staves are also now varied as to either Heavy or Light armour. When unzipped, files should go to the correct directory, and all textures should be appearing now.
1.0 - Inital release

-- Compatability --
I added all items to unique chests for each vendor, so in theory there shouldn't be any compatability issues with other mods that change that vendor's inventory. You may see some "cell" conflicts in a conflict detector. These just show that I have added things to the same cell as another mod, and most likely will not cause an error. In addition, Defensive_staves_Chest_Optional.esp will conflict with any mod that alters Chest loot drops, but should be compatible with mods that only alter creature loot drops (although you will still get conflicts on the conflict report, simply load Chest_optional later in the load order). Also, any mod that changes Calindil of the Mystic Emporium will probably also show a conflict as I had to change his AI to include "Lights" as sellable objects, otherwise he wouldn't always sell the Illumination Staves.

-- Credits --
Many thanks to Jannix Quinn's Staves, Spears and Polearm's mod, and Evantal's Dual Wielding mod. Both of these were the inspiration for this mod.

-- Other uses --
Please feel free to make changes to this mod, or add it to your own mod as you like. All I ask is, however, is that you give me credit. Thanks!