About this mod

A brand new Imperial City mercantile district with an insane amount of much loved and hidden gem mod content from across the modding community and a host of unseen content as well. A place to pick up all the gear and goodies you need to venture forth into Tamriel!
The mod also serves as the resource pack for the FOMO modding project.

Permissions and credits


Put simply FOMO Main does 3 things:

 It provides access to quality content from a host of staple and hidden gem mods that would otherwise take up a solid number of esp/esm slots. 

 It acts as a massive resource pack 100% compatible with any mod for modder who wants to have access to more unique or interesting content for their own mods. 

3) It allows FOMO powered mods to make use of specific content from other mods through various FOMO "Auxiliaries".

Since I have always been so protective of my free esp slots it always bothered me when a mod required a resource pack if it wasn't one I already had (Because it was used by multiple mods), a resource pack esp seems so pointless as it gave me no real content, as such I felt that if I was to make a resource pack, I would make sure it came with more than just resources and so the East Docks District was born...

 Feature Summary:

-An additional district for the Imperial City
-A collection of stores with an assortment of clothes/armour/weapons/accessories/misc like never seen before! (There really is no way of describing the amazing works of the many amazing modders that made this possible that does them justice)
-Several stores that will sell essentially every non-quest vanilla item in mass to help characters you make start with items/spell/etc appropriate to the background you made for them
-A coastal travel network to the various coastal cities touched by FOMO mods
-A place where you can quickly reap the benefits of various FOMO Auxiliaries (e.g. a place to find a mass of CM companions or FCOM equipment) 

What is the East Docks District?

What can I expect to find there?


List Of Common mods integrated into FOMO Main that you can find for sale in the East Docks District
(Ordered as they appear in credits, i.e. by modder name).

Apachii's Animated Wigs

Chakaru's Amulets
Com's Torch Compendium
Faivon Pose Books
Growlf's Animated Hair
Cloth Gloves Stoff Handschuhe
Child Equip Collection
Mages Gloves
Armored Circlets
Scarves 1-1
Luchaire's Neck Seam Concealer
Cloth Gloves
Room207's Neck Seam Concealers
Offhand Books
Capes And Cloaks
Equipable Beards
Xia's New Amulets

Note: The above is by no means a comprehensive list of what is included, for that check the credits section or explore the district yourself ^^!

FOMO Main is compatible with any mod (Including the Directly Integrated Mods listed above). However the East Docks District Access esp will be based on your load order, more on this in the installation section.

Else Univeral Silent Voices
- Generally it is safe to assume anything requires the latest Oblivion patch and Shivering Isles


Note: I highly recommend that you use Wyre Bash for installing any mods you may install, if you have yet to pick up the use of Wyre Bash, you are really missing out!

Stage (1) FOMO Main:

- Copy the contents of the FOMO Main Resources archives and the FOMO Main.esp into your Data folder

- Activate FOMO Main.esp

- Run BOSS with the Update BOSS Masterlist to sort your load order or simply place FOMO Main.esp as the first esp in your load order (i.e. after all the esms)

Stage (1) Complete! You are now ready to use any mod that requires Fomo Main!
If you want to visit the East Docks District from Fomo Main however you will need to finish Stage (2) of the installation.

Stage (2) East Docks District:

- Download FOMO Imperial Isles and follow the installation instructions

Stage (2) Complete! You are now ready to visit the melting pot of Tamrielic culture that is the East Docks District!
For more detailed installation instructions refer to the Read Me file. 


Just follow the link to the F.A.Q at The Assimilation Lab

I could recommend hundreds of mods if someone were to get me going, so I will try to strictly list mods that work well in tandem with this specific mod.

Kaizits new animations for NPC and player

Your Oblivion experience can be greatly enhanced by this very immersive mod, that really brings a lot of life into the world.

Lore Dialogue 300 Updated
Like the above, very immersive mod adding a host of dialogue options, for me at least, being able to discuss topics with NPCs based on their class/skills helped give personality to each NPC as you interacted with them.

More FOMO Project Mods
Naturally now that a few of the mods in the project have released, I suggest checking them out ^^.

This mod contains assets and the loving works of many modders other than myself along side my own works, so I can not grant anyone permission to take parts of this mod for their own mods. However if you are interested in any assets you can simply use Fomo Main as a master file for your own mod (It is intended to be a resource pack of sort after all) or ask me and see if the those specific assets can be shared freely. You can also refer to the Credits section to see if you can track down the creators of specific content.
If you want help with using Fomo Main as a master for your own mod simply ask and I would be more than happy to help with whatever issues ^^.


By the very nature of the project many FOMO mods are the products of work from many talented modders from across the Oblivion modding community, so my thanks go out to those who contributed ^^!
Naturally the full credits list is in the "PERMS" tab at the top of the page as the credits list would be too long to post here, however I really wanted to give a shout out to all the amazing modders of the Oblivion modding community that contributed in the main description as well.

While I will naturally keep and eye out for posts and messages over here at the Nexus, the fastest way to get a hold of me is to post in the appropriate discussion thread over at The Assimilation Lab forum where my released and WIP projects are hosted.

The Lab has a very active, knowledgeable and helpful modding community. If you are working on any modding projects of your own and need a place to host it, a place to get advice, assistance of any manner and/or just feedback I couldn't think of a better place to recommend ^^.