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An easy, and convenient method to launch the Construction Set Extender (CSE).

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An easy, and convenient method to launch the Construction Set Extender (CSE). It is primarily aimed at people with a d3d9.dll in the game directory that CSE doesn't like, but anyone may profit from this method.

"...but anyone may profit from this method."   Well said, but is it true, though.  For example, while this works perfectly well on my DVD copy, the version from GOG needs me to switch to administrator just to play the game!  I can only presume this might also hold for the Steam version?  That's a bummer.  Also, see the footnote (*).


(1) There will be only one file being tainted with administrator privileges. The only occasion you need this file is when running CSE, as it should be. (*)

(2) My Launch CSE.bat puts an existing d3d9.dll out of the way. After a few seconds, when CSE is up and running, it puts the d3d9.dll back into place.


I have made the batch file as robust as I am able to. But still:

Use this on your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any harm done to your game, data, computer, or mental health, by using this stuff.

Preparations for --> you <-- to make:

(1) Copy obse_loader.exe to obse_loader-editor.exe. There's an "underscore" and a "minus" in there.

(2) Open the context menu for obse_loader-editor.exe (right-click). Choose "Properties --> Compatibility --> Execute as administrator".

(2.1) Should your obse_loader.exe have administrator privileges, it's safe to remove them now, analogous to (2).

(3) Copy the content of the archive you download from here (that's My Launch CSE.bat) into your game directory (where Oblivion.exe sits).

(4) After every update to OBSE, repeat steps (1), (2).

From now on, start CSE by clicking on My Launch CSE.bat.




Do with this whatever you like.

------- Footnotes -------

(*) I get pimples from running programs with administrator privileges.