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Removes NPC comments about the player's attributes/skills and the comments in between training sessions as well.

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There are a few of these types of mods available, but I didn't see one that removed the training comments from NPCs before/after training sessions. If you rapidly train with an NPC then they basically just spit gibberish at you since you never hear any of their comments entirely which gets quite old after a while. So I decided to fix that, and I removed the irritating comments NPCs constantly make on your character's attributes/skills once you're high leveled while I was at it.

Full list of removed comments:


- Look at the muscles on you!
- You're a sneaky looking sort.
- You have the hands of a healer.
- There's an air of Mysticism about you.
- You have the eyes of a trained marksman.
- You look like a bright one.
- You have the hands of an illusionist.
- Seems you've bloodied your knuckles a few times.
- There's a charge in the air. Been casting some destruction spells?
- You smell of death. Been conjuring up dead things?
- You look like you've swung a mace or two in your time.
- Looks like you're handy with a blade.
- You're a fit one. Been running a lot?
- You've got a real bounce to your step. I'll bet you're quite the acrobat.
- How about mixing up some potions? You look like quite the alchemist.
- You look skilled in Alteration. Maybe you can teach me something.
- You've got the hands of a smith. Must have spent some time repairing your gear.
- Your shield arm looks strong.
- You look like someone who's comfortable in heavy armor.
- I heard you know how to move in light armor.
- You look like a shrewd businessman.
- You've got some nimble fingers. What have you been getting into?
- You've got quite the silver tongue.


- Let's see if we can't teach you a thing or two.
- Knowledge is the key to success in any endeavor.
- Knowledge is power.
- I'm willing to teach, if you're willing to learn.
- There's much I can show you.
- Let's get to training.
- You've got a lot to learn.
- I can show you some new things.
- Good that you want to get better.
- Pay attention, and you can learn a lot.

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